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    I've been with T-Mobile using my Treo 180 for a year and have been quite pleased. (Although being able to use is in Russia, Germany, Finland, etc.and not in Ft Myers, FL is frustrating) I'd like to stay with T-Mobile and keep my telephone number but the Sprint offer is compelling ($249 vs $699). Has anyone have experience with both the 270 and 300? And if so is there any real or noticable difference?
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    If you actually use your device in Russia, Germany, Finland, etc., stick with the 270 (GSM/GPRS). No Sprint device will work anywhere but the US without analog roaming. Even then, I suspect it won't work as Sprint probably doesn't have roaming agreements with the carriers in other countries.

    If you spend your time in the US, the 300 and the Sprint 1xRTTT network is faster than the GPRS networks.
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    i was also just speaking to a computer consultant today who had a meeting with 5 microsoft programmers, and they all use the 270 with t-mobile because they felt it has the best network.

    i like the 300 and sprint just fine but i don't travel all that much and usually to cities in the u.s. so i have none of those issues.
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    I just moved from T-Mobile to Sprint. I use a loaner company phone when I travel outside the U.S.

    For me, the unlimited data at $10.00 per month sold the treo300. I used t-mobile phones differently knowing I would be charged for data. Between treomodem, snappermail, palm vnc and blazer... I get good value from the unlimited vision plan.
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    I like the 270 because of the international stuff, but don't like the $20 10 meg data plan. However, it is bery difficult to use 10meg in one month, so unlimited data does not mean that much. If t-mobile gets that down 5 or 10 buck when they stant with the Treo that would be nice.
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    I had a Treo 180 on T-MObile, and then bought the Sprint Treo 300. I have to say the unlimited vision plan is the major attraction for me. I don't travel outside the US to anyplace where I'd want people to easily get in touch with me. Pair that with the cost of the phone at Sprint vs. T-Mobile and the deal is made for me.
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    Have any of you actually looked at the amount of data you were using? I just went down to the 2 meg plan...cause although I was doing all my e-mail and checking Avantgo, I wasn't even using 1 M.
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    Hey Alli,
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    Originally posted by m00se
    Hey Alli,
    did you change your pic? How come?
    I changed it cause I fell in love with Mr. Snaffelburger. <shrug>
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    Thanks for all the info and opinions. Handspring just replaced my 180. In spite of all the *****ing about Handspring support they've treated me well. I guess 'll wait and see what need products are introduced in the next several months. If Ididn't already have a 180 I'd certainly go with the "bargain" Treo 300.

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