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Hmmm, interesting info. Thanks for looking into this Michael_L. I guess we just have to wait.
I'm a little concerned that the issues may be more complex than a simple matter of the GPRS version. I believe that posts in this thread indicate that people using GPRS 1.1 have had mixed results (e.g., Call Waiting during Data Transfer WORKS for some, and NOT for others). IOW, one post reported a working system, and with the SAME Software/Firmware/GPRS configuration which you have.

Can ANYONE confirm this feature working w GPRS 1.1.1?

I'm going to surmise that the problem may be a quirky INTERACTION between particular versions of the FIRMWARE and particular versions of the GPRS software. There can be incompatabilities between hardware and software....

Perhaps the soon-to-be-released GPRS 1.2 will be a cure-all. But, as you said, we have to wait. I'm hoping so, but am only cautiously optimistic.