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    Have any of you managed to run the AT&T Dialer on Treo ?

    AT&T have a palm dialer SW, which saves the fuss of changing the connection details in diffrent countries.

    I was unable to use it on the treo - everything seems fine, but instead of using it's own connection details, it always uses the treo system network definitions.

    Our local AT&T Rep had no answers, I assume that in the uS there must be "few" AT&T users who noticed this issue.

    Any idea ?
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    I player with ATT dialer and came up with conclusion that it simply doesn't support Treo. However, you could still manually configure ATT setting and use the dialer only for picking up right telephone number.

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    Thanks Kreso.

    I was hoping to find someone who might have fixed it, or have an idea how to get similar functionality without having to set it up manually.

    As it's not really for my usage, but for someone less expirienced.

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