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    The Pre 2 is my only phone!
    Simens S3 -> Simens S10 -> Palm V & Simens S35i -> SE T610 & Palm T2 -> SE S700 & Palm T3 ->SE W810i -> Palm Pre- running WebOS 2.1!! @500Mhz -> Palm Pre 2. The Pre 2 rocks. -> Pre 3, Nice & Touchpad=> Future Pre 4 wanted.
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    My Pre3 is my only phone and I rarely find I am missing anything so I recon it will last me another couple of years at least providing I don't break it and am unable to replace it.

    I do have a Pre- as a backup but the last time I used that was on holiday last summer when it got pressed into service as a wifi hotspot with a local SIM.

    My wife and daughter both have Android phones and I guess that is the way I will eventually move if OpenWebOS comes to nothing but right now I feel absolutely no pressure to move, there's nothing they do that I can't.
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    I think the right answer is not enough!

    Primary phone: Pre3
    Secondary device: Touchpad 16GB (booting webOS with LunaCE)
    How long will I keep it?: As long as I possibly can. My contract is up in March with Verizon so I'll be month to month, and I don't plan on signing another contract until I can find a better device with openwebOS running on it!
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    White Z10, Touchpad 16GB [Retired: Pre 3, Pre 2, Pixi Plus, Pre Plus]
    Back on a BlackBerry after 2 1/2 years with WebOS.

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    Right now I use a Verizon Pre2 as my only mobile phone. I just purchased a Pre 3 today that I plan on moving over to Straight Talk. I figured the phone will pay for itself in 3-4 months until I figure out what I want to do next. I dont really want an iPhone or Android. I don't like the trend of phones becoming huge (because of screen size). It seems like all modern phones with good hardware are large.

    I also have a TouchPad (I actually have 2 due to HP error but it just stays in a box in my closet). I have it on a wireless charger next to my bed and I use it as a clock/alarm. I also like to use it in the kitchen to read recipes. I do so wish it had Netflix on it though.

    I love WebOS but it looks like it may not be on new hardware in the future. So I'll probably continue to use my WebOS phone until it breaks or until it starts to because unusualbe due to the browser not being updated etc.
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    Today - Pre 2

    Tomorrow - Probably Pre 2, maybe Pixi Plus, maybe RAZR XT912.....who knows?

    I switch back and forth alot, just to tinker, but ALWAYS come back to my Pre 2.

    Things are much less complicated with WebOS.

    Looking for Pre 3 for daily driver when tax return lands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by C-Note View Post
    Just curious:
    By now if feels like we are manning the guns at the Alamo, but I'm curious to know to what extent are you LIVING with webOS. So if it just a hobbyist thing for you, let me know when it became that for you. Also, are you developing for what will be the new webOS (Gram, openOS or whatever it will evolve to become)?

    • Is it your daily driver?
    • If so, is it your only phone?
    • If not, is it your work or personal phone?
    • How long do you think you can hang on?

    For me, it is one of four phones, but I've just cut back to three (others are a Blackberry and Droid which was just upgraded to a Galaxy S3).

    The Pre2 is my personal phone. I use it especially for e-mail and as a gamer for crossword puzzles. It still multi-tasks better (by a mile) than any of my other phones.

    I'm holding tough, but for some work functions it is becoming increasing less useful as internet based services drop webOS support and the browser becomes increasingly creaky with age as the net moves on and it does not.

    If I was forced to dump all of my phones but one, and had to ride that phone for the next two years, don't know what I would do... I hope it doesn't happen before we see some open OS love.

    Is it your daily driver? Yes, and Touchpad too
    If so, is it your only phone? yes
    If not, is it your work or personal phone? just my personal phone
    How long do you think you can hang on? No rush to move as long as it holds up.
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    Had a pre 3 sold it bought a nexus 4. Have a touchpad like the newer browsers on android..I think I will ride with Duarte...Is that so bad?
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    My Sprint Frankenpre 2 was rather beat up and requiring sometimes two or three reboots a day. So a bit over a week ago, I replaced it, with a new Sprint Frankenpre 2! I could have just doctored, but the screen was actually pretty scratched. This is my daily driver and my only phone aside from an old Samsung dumbphone I keep in the car for emergencies. I have a custom Touchstone car mount made from a cup holder and Sugru.

    I will gladly move on to an Open webOS phone, though if I can't have Sprint, that could be an issue for me. I get a great deal through my niece, who works for Sprint.

    I have a Touchpad, though I don't use it very often. I also have a GSM Pre 3 I got a good deal on, which mostly sits around looking pretty. I will use it next time I travel to a GSM country. I also have some old broken Pre Minuses I've used for parts and such.
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    Thanks for the reminder, Touchstones are a part of webos in one's life. I have seven, three at home and one at work, and one in each car. Don't worry much about battery life.
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    Is it your daily driver? Yes, HP Veer and HP Touchpad
    If so, is it your only phone? No, iPhone, Galaxy SII
    If not, is it your work or personal phone? HP Veer is my work phone. IPhone is my personal.
    How long do you think you can hang on? 1 more year.
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    Just got one to day(had to be a good deal) after about a year. logged into my Palm Profile and everything appeared from my Pre Plus. I decided to go with the touchpad after looking hard at the iPad and Android offerings. the interface is just to creamy for me not to use WebOS as a good work tablet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by espc31 View Post
    Just got one to day(had to be a good deal) after about a year. logged into my Palm Profile and everything appeared from my Pre Plus. I decided to go with the touchpad after looking hard at the iPad and Android offerings. the interface is just to creamy for me not to use WebOS as a good work tablet.
    Put lunaCE on it
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    I spend 10-12 hours a day banging on webOS.
    Remove Messaging Beeps patch for webOS 3.0.5, Left/Right bezel gestures in LunaCE,
    Whazaa! Messenger and node-wa, SynerGV 1 and 2 - Google Voice integration, XO - Subsonic Commander media streamer, AB:S Launcher
    (1:39:33 PM) halfhalo: Android multitasking is like sticking your fingers into a blender
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblade View Post
    I spend 10-12 hours a day banging on webOS.
    One of the many webOS lovers and users I love...

    Always speaks to me when folks that get paid to code would rather use webOS, love all you folks, some of the best people I know fit into this category and I happily support them all.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    The Veer is my daily driver and use it for pretty much everything (music player, email accounts including corporate Exchange, GPS, Maps, workout tracking (MojoTracker))

    I use TP Faux-G (soon hopefully proper 4G) for reading news, this forum using Communities etc and while traveling for watching movies etc

    Wifey has the same setup, except her TP is WiFi only.
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    Still using trusty Pre 2 for everything, regret giving up pre 3 to daughter after I mistakenly tried android for 6 weeks, then couldn't get the 3 back.

    Touchpad running WebOS and LunaCe still much better to use than the Ipad I've got from work

    Holding out for something OpenWebOS or might even get another 3 if I can find on.
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    I'm using a Pre 3 as my daily driver and only phone (private and business). I have a second one as backup and don't count my iPhone 4 which I have used before, is w/o SIM and just lies around now. I've only been using webOS since just after the Touchpad fire sale, but had to buy my devices (1 TouchPad, 2 Pre 3 and 3 Veer) on ebay. The Veers I have never used and given to family members.

    I don't use my TouchPad daily, and the PlayBook I own even less. I'll try to use the Pre 3 as long as possible and hope that a working Open webOS phone will be available when it breaks.
    Preł (iPhone 4), TouchPad 32 GB (PlayBook 16 GB)
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    I own Samsung Galaxy Note - personal phone.... 50% of time
    Palm pre plus - landline calls, listening to music while running 10%
    Nexus 7 - use it at home.... 40%

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    PalmOne Treo600-> Palm Treo 650 -> Palm Centro -> Palm PRE -> Palm PIXI PLUS GSM
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    Everyday all day! My Sprint Pre and TP 4G On ATT. Love them, wish I could get a pre 2 or 3 for sprint.
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    Pre 2 is my only cell phone and I use it extensively. Have a Touchpad but find that most of the time (~75%) I'm booting CM9 for either Netflix or Aldiko eReader. WebOS on TP is still stronger for playing back video in a greater range of formats and at higher quality than Android, and embedded flash (eg. Comedy Channel) are only watchable on webOS.

    With some seemingly small changes I could easily go back to 100% webOS on the TP.

    I dream of a Pre 3. One day...
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