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    I'm using my Pre3 as my only cellphone and I still don't see an alternative.
    Tried some droids, but they're still laking nice multitasking, synergy and the other WebOS goodies.
    Europe is a good place for GSM Phones and new Pre3 are still available here via ebay...

    My fiancees cellular is also a Pre3, my mothers is a Pre+

    Thanks to all the homebrew developers out there!
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    I have 3 Pre3s(1 French or German I forget, one UK and one US ATT). I only use the ATT one (frequency support). It's been my main phone since I got it in March of last year, before that I was on the EU Pre3s for several months and they worked OK too minus the HSPA(?) and full 3G frequency support for ATT. I even switched off of Sprint onto ATT to use the Pre3.

    I have 3 Touchpads(bought 5 during the fire sale, have two of those left plus the one I bought on the day it was released). I use one daily as a basic web browser, mainly browsing the daily pictures at before I goto sleep. Java script is kept off unless absolutely needed, same with flash. The only 3rd party app I use is "WebOS news", I've bought tons of apps/games back before things got canned but lost interest in pretty much all of them by now. Other than that I watch some video on it, few times a year I use it for music...

    My last touchpad is still in the brown box HP shipped it to me in. Never been opened. Don't really have a use for it right now other than a spare, and it has more value to me personally than it does market value so I don't intend to sell it. The other touchpads I gave 2 away for Xmas in 2011 to family, and sold a 3rd to a HP employee who could not manage to get one(sold at cost).

    How long I can last, I'm not sure, in theory I could last probably as long as 3G frequencies are still around and I have batteries to run my phones. After WebOS had it's throat slit I bought a GSM Pre2, and when I signed up for ATT I got a "free" Veer as well. So I have 5 webOS GSM phones, 4 of which have hardly any use at this point, and the 5th one(my current phone) still running strong. Buying all that wasn't cheap, the costs were huge, and it was a tough decision to make.

    I do like the look and feel of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with the ultra big screen (I have big hands), though I don't trust Android because of Google. So I can't use it. Not a fan of Apple either, so iOS is out. My company gave me an iPad mini for xmas and I had it sold to a friend before I even had it in my hands. That guy told me something along the lines of "lots of people say they wouldn't use something even if it was free, but not many go through with it!"

    BB10 looks interesting, I could see myself using that -- more so if it was in a Galaxy note 2 form factor. The slide out keyboard is nice on the Pre3 though it is still somewhat difficult to type with my big fingers(more like edges of fingernails really my thumb takes up a bit more than a 3rd of the KB on the Pre3).

    I have a friend who is an MS employee who has windows phone (his GF has one too she too is an MS employee) - neither are enthusiastic about it. There are some good things, some bad things. Nothing to write home about.

    I feel the same way about WebOS - I've never promoted it to my friends or family - it always felt it needed more work - it had (perhaps still has) promise, I could see the vision, but it was about maybe $4B short of what they needed in order to pull it off.

    I haven't spent more than a few minutes using any Android device, and even less time using an iOS device, so I really don't know what I'm missing I guess - ignorance is bliss.

    Also in case it helps understand me - I've been using Linux as my desktop since 1998, so I'm sort of used to being a spare tire in terms of what is supported.
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    Still use my Touchpad constantly daily. Still need to get on the LunaCE program (lazy). I still fire up the Pre3 often when in wifi range, but I had to switch to a GS3 as my daily driver. Once open webOS is nice and stable on, say a GNex AND the N7, I'm there without hesitation.

    Android is just okay and is a stopgap for now, but I've been spoiled by the overall intuitiveness and superior functionality of our favorite OS. Waiting patiently....
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    Pre 3 is daily driver. TouchPad is on CM9, but even then I don't use it much. Mostly just sitting on Touchstone.

    EDIT - forgot to add, I do use my phone for work, calendar only. Work only supports company issued BlackBerries or Good email on iPhone or Android. Don't want anyone e-mailing me after work so I just copy my calendar using Outlook Google sync, installed it before they pulled the download for it.
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    well. Pre 3 is my daily phone and works just fine... TouchPad with Luna CE 3.9 is my e-book reader, websurfing at night, twitter (still using Glimpse) reading PDF's on an almost daily basis... so yeah... still pretty much into it! ... The PRe3 battery is staring to give problems and the wi-fi antenna is no longer working (thanks forthe unlimited 3G plan it is not a big deal)... so in few months time I will migrate... but not yet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by C-Note View Post
    Just curious:
    By now if feels like we are manning the guns at the Alamo, but I'm curious to know to what extent are you LIVING with webOS. So if it just a hobbyist thing for you, let me know when it became that for you. Also, are you developing for what will be the new webOS (Gram, openOS or whatever it will evolve to become)?

    • Is it your daily driver?
    • If so, is it your only phone?
    • If not, is it your work or personal phone?
    • How long do you think you can hang on?

    For me, it is one of four phones, but I've just cut back to three (others are a Blackberry and Droid which was just upgraded to a Galaxy S3).

    The Pre2 is my personal phone. I use it especially for e-mail and as a gamer for crossword puzzles. It still multi-tasks better (by a mile) than any of my other phones.

    I'm holding tough, but for some work functions it is becoming increasing less useful as internet based services drop webOS support and the browser becomes increasingly creaky with age as the net moves on and it does not.

    If I was forced to dump all of my phones but one, and had to ride that phone for the next two years, don't know what I would do... I hope it doesn't happen before we see some open OS love.

    I use my 64GB TP everyday and my Pixi as a daily driver might switch to windows phone and then back when someone makes a good open webOS phone
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    I'm amazed that WebOS is as good as it is given the lack of support after the initial roll-out. With a limited number of updates, it is clear that the team at HP really got it right. Too bad marketing fell down so badly, and management wimped out...

    Is it your daily driver? Yup! Pre 3 (GSM on Net10) and Touchpad
    If so, is it your only phone? Yup! Although I have a Pre 2 for a backup.
    If not, is it your work or personal phone?
    How long do you think you can hang on? Until they don't work anymore...

    I've only been using WebOS since just after the Touchpad fire sale, prior to that; a devout Palm user, then iOS. I liked it so much I bought a Pre 2 last summer to do double duty, replacing an iPod Touch and a feature phone, I liked that so much I just bought a Pre 3. I loaned the Pre 2 to my son while he waits for his Google Nexus. I'm sold on WebOS, the Touchpad is actually much more reliable than my wife's iPad, and the Pre 3 is much easier to navigate than the iPod Touch. I believe a side by side comparison with my daughter's iPhone 4 would have the Pre 3 ahead in ease of use and performance.

    The only thing that bugs me at this point is the DRM issue with the browser and Amazon Instant Video, which I understand also affects Chrome.

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    Pre 3, everyday driver now for almost 16 months and my one and only phone that I use for work (self employed) and personal use. I text, check email, phone calls, surf the web and it has all of the apps that I need, I am not much of an app user, just the basic apps is all I need.

    Touchpad, been using it everyday now since July of 2011. I travel alot for work and it is the only thing I take with me. I use it to read books, listen to music, check email and surf the web and it tethers to my Pre 3 when the hotels want to charge me to use their WiFi.

    Really no need to switch to another type of platform because webOS just works, simple and you just can't beat the synergy feature. I also like having a platform that is unique and different, life in the flock of sheep is just not for me.

    Because of the above reasons I will stay with webOS as long as my equipment holds out and am hoping that Open webOS will be on other devices by the time they stop working
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    I use the pre3 as my daily driver since more than a year. And I hope it will continue to work for at least another year!

    I have also an used Nokia n900 which I bought some weeks ago, which I use as a Wi-Fi only device.

    After my pre3 dies, I think I will get another one Or a veer.

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    Is it your daily driver?
    Yes, me Pre3, wife Pre2, both with TouchPads, some backup phones and a dev TouchPad as well.

    If so, is it your only phone?
    All phones currently are webOS phones

    If not, is it your work or personal phone?
    personal phones only

    How long do you think you can hang on?
    As long as I need to, wife has talked about getting something else, we are off contract come July and want to just to ST for the savings. If we go to ST probably no new phones any time soon for either of us. I do like the look of the Q10 we will see how it does once it comes to market the screen res makes me worry it will be in the app shortage department like Pixi/Veer, which may keep me away from the phone. Also haven't seen if it has a full size sim or not. Being its RIM (now BB), I would guess they did full size to smooth the transition for longtime users.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    Quote Originally Posted by C-Note View Post
    Just curious:

    • Is it your daily driver?
    • If so, is it your only phone?
    • If not, is it your work or personal phone?
    • How long do you think you can hang on?

    I have a Pre 3
    It is my daily driver
    I only have 1 phone (plus my Pre+ which is just stored in case of emergency)
    How long can I hold to it??? Well, 'till it stops working... then I see if I get another Pre 3 or a nexus to put open webOS in it...

    I have "analyzed" other OSs and have thought about changing but before changing OS I try the other ones with colleagues, friends and so on... so far I cannot find a viable option... be it the multi tasking, the looks of the UI, synergy, the patching system or the sum of all those things...
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    Is it your daily driver?
    Absolutely! I have a Pre3 8GB german layout (english layouts are something of exotic nature around here, despite I would love to have one).

    If so, is it your only phone?
    Yes (if I don't count my two still fully functional Treo650's and the backup Pre3 that will be arriving in a few days)

    If not, is it your work or personal phone?
    Naturally both

    How long do you think you can hang on?
    I'm not that type who changes his phone every month, so I'm planning with a few years of usage (I'm already above one year now).

    Surely I miss some things (mostly hurting for me is CardDAV and CalDAV Synergy support), but things are progressing slowly but surely. Application support is a little weak but I found almost everything I was looking for. The web browser is not that bad, and I can bug some of my friends with simply showing them a page with embedded Flash. )))
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    Hm let's see, pixy +, pre 2 ,veer, pre 3 and touchpad. Seams to me I am not going anywhere any time soon.
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    a Pre3 is my every day phone, but I have a Veer and Pre2 if I feel like something smaller. I use a TouchPad at work for meetings & email (sort of like a 2nd monitor). I also use a TouchPad at home for music, browsing, updating netflix, etc.
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    I came from an iphone4 and won't look back. Pre3 is daily driver, I just bought 2 new pre2s unlocked. Use touchpad everyday. Wife uses touchpad, and iphone4. I'm here, and plan on staying here.
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    Pre3 is my daily driver. Agenda and contact (synergy) can't be beaten and it still works ok for some browsing. Have a Veer on prepay for personal calls/txts and contacts. Using TP 3g and keyboard daily, although not that often on 3g these days. Mainly on webOS with LunaCE, but do have CM9 installed if it were only for boasting the dual boot. As backup another Pre3 unused in box and a Panda currently in use as mp3 player and alarm clock on touchstone. Also nice backup for the odd occasion the TP 3g runs out of juice (when reading magazines or books).

    So sounds I'm entrenched in webOS and probably not leaving till my batteries die (hopefully another 1-2 years). But would definitely consider newer faster webOS hardware when it becomes available.
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    I have a veer as my corporate phone, which gets heavy use. My pre3 is my personal phone which gets used less, but I find it excellent for navigation as well when required.

    My Touchpad 4g is in constant use for internet radio, news (i couldn't live without Zite), email, browsing, and multimedia. I also connect to my company's VPN through it so often use it for work as well.

    My only non webos device is my ipod shuffle which I use in the car.

    I feel no need to look at any other devices at this moment in time.
    Touchpad 4G, Pre3
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    my Pre2 is still going strong. Got a spare if it ever fails. Family still using our 3 fire sale touchpads heavily every day.
    Tim Boche

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    Some people like webos more than others. Then again many people can't stand to see new things. That is what I get from this thread so far, to each his own
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    Use a Pre2 as only phone. Family used to use Pixi's until they all went to iPhones.

    I have one Pre2 in the box for my next phone when this one dies.

    One TP used daily (in full disclusure I have an iPad also used daily) The TP does some things way better than the iPad. And the iPad has way more apps for doing some things the TP just can't do.

    As long as Verizon allows me to use WebOS it appears to meet and exceed my needs.
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