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    Can someone walk me through setting this up? I have InfraRed selected on my hotsync. I have a treo 300 and I'm trying to install an app. I am not very familiar with Windows XP.
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    Have you tried:
    1)Start/Control Panel/Wireless Link (check boxes as neccessary)


    2)Click the Hotsync icon on the task bar and check "InfraRed"
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    yeah tried that....hmmm my dell latitude has a Fast Irda does that matter?
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    I'm having the same issue. I used to have a Toshiba with Fast IrDA running W2K and that would synch fine with my 270.

    I recently switched to a Dell Latitude that is running XP and it doesn't even see my 270 when I point the infrared ports to eachother.

    Is this a common Latitude problem with Treos or in general Palm devices?
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    I can get it to communicate w/ my IBM 600 Laptop. Any other Dell latitude users? I have a c640
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    Interesting. I have a c640, too. Just upgraded to the latest BIOS A08 but to no avail.

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