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    I bought a visorphone in October of 2001. It worked but not very reliably. I upgraded to a Treo 270 in June of 2002. It worked better but still not as reliably as I would have liked. Then I got the GPRS upgrade. Though I don't use the GPRS data service (too expensive), ever since I installed it, the reliability of my Treo has been very good. The main improvement has been in signal strength and reliability of connection. I almost always have a good signal, i.e. rarely am I in SoS only mode.

    I purchased a Nokia compatible headset, the one with the rewinder, and prefer to use that for my outgoing calls except when I'm in a very noisy environment. When I'm out and about, though, I generall don't bother with it and do just fine using the built in mic and speaker. I've also found that my car is too noisy to use the headset when I'm driving on the freeway, but the Treo by itself works just fine.

    Support from Handspring has been fairly good for the most part. They've replaced faulty units when necessary and only once given me really bad advice. I've learned that sometimes it is necessary to just ignore the advice of the techs, particularly when they tell you to do something that your device is specifically telling you not to do. If you have doubts, you can always get a case number, gracefully end your call (soup's boiling over), and call back and speak to a different tech. It's an easy way of getting a second opinion.

    I'm always eager to extol the virtues of my Treo to my colleagues. The two best features are the ability to look at the calendar while talking on the phone and the ability to display and update two or more calendars with WeSync
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