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    Saw this article on the WSJ's Market Watch site today:

    This year

    Maybe it has nowhere to go but up, but I'll believe it when I see it.
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    I quickly looked at the chart for HPQ in the article and it looks like it's on a bit of an upward trend now. It would be a pick as long as HP doesn't screw things up yet again. After Autonomy, what else can they screw up (not saying they won't)?
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    See, this is why I wanted to buy Ford or GM stock when they were at low double digits, or even high single digits .. except (a) I was completely broke at the time (b) I honestly thought they were going under.

    If you bought every stock that seemed like it was at a bottom, you might eventually hit big, but mostly you'll just end up losing a bunch of money a little bit at a time.

    On the bright side, HP isn't exactly "small". It's pretty goshdarn huge.
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    It has plenty to go but up, like, down.
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