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    ... Users of Hotmail, Microsoft's popular Web based e-mail service, face similar conflicts when surfing the Web on fancy Internet phones.

    Microsoft's MSN Pocket PC Web site is specially designed for the small screens of computer phones (, but the user of non-Microsoft devices -- such as the Treo, a combination cellphone, Palm organizer and Web surfing device from Handspring (NasdaqNM:HAND - News) -- will have trouble using the site.

    Using the Treo, the Hotmail button, which is normally the top icon on the MSN Pocket PC menu, disappears.

    Running the identical Web address on a desktop computer with Internet Explorer delivered the MSN Hotmail button correctly. Hotmail's Web address at is also inaccessible on the Treo phone's Internet browser.

    "It's something that long has confounded people here at Handspring," said Brian Jaquet, spokesman for the Mountain View, California-based company.

    Handspring users once faced similar conflicts with America Online Internet services, but AOL eventually decided it was in their best interest to make their products fully compatible with those of Palm and Handspring, Jaquet said.

    Microsoft spokesmen said that their company does not support Handspring's Web browser software. Ed Suwanjindar, lead product manager mobile devices at Microsoft turned the issue around.

    "The question should be why they (Palm and Handspring) built clients that can't access these services. Hotmail requires (security settings) which Handspring doesn't offer," he said.

    While glitches in computer products are commonplace, competitive factors figure here: Microsoft pushes competing software for handheld computers and smart phones. Treo, by relying on software from Microsoft rival Palm, is "not supported."

    Admittedly Handspring's Treo is new to the market. Perhaps Microsoft will come around to support these devices as the market grows larger and it becomes worth its while.

    But other Web-based e-mail suppliers such as Yahoo (NasdaqNM:YHOO - News), a much smaller and less profitable company than Microsoft, has made its e-mail service available to Treo users. ....
    I'm happy to see you AND it's a Treo in my pocket!
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    I was told there is a PQA for Hotmail. does anyone know how to get to it?

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