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    Happy 270 owner, I live in Northern California, and am a Cingular subscriber for better or for worse... I installed the update patch but I am not using GPRS, as I use my plan minutes instead... I'll be traveling to Paris, the South of France and Northern Italy, I know I know javascript:smilie('') .... life is tough... Anyway, it is not essential that I roam internationally with Cingular's Sim as I do not anticipate receiving calls from the US, but I will place and receive a lot of calls within these 2 countries, I will just give out to my callers whatever Sim number I'll buy in France / Italy ... But that's assuming it'll work, any good experience users out there ? Most importantly, I use Treomail extensively, and will need internet access frequently, how can this work ? Will I be able to use my treo in Europe as I do here ? Any advice, please ? Thank you
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    Originally posted by danipod
    I live in Northern California (...) I will just give out to my callers whatever Sim number I'll buy in France / Italy ... But that's assuming it'll work, any good experience users out there ? Most importantly, I use Treomail extensively, and will need internet access frequently, how can this work ?
    If the Treo 270 sold in the States works in GSM will work in Europe. Period. Now related to Internet connection you will need to set up some local connection. In Spain there are plenty of free Internet accesses and I assume France and Italy has more. Try to reach the web page of the GSM operators in both countries.
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    Search this site--I posted a long blurb on Travels with Treo in Europe. It has most of the info you are looking for...
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    Thank you Jposin, I had read this thread,and with all that I've seen posted, I am pretty confident the Treo will work as a phone over there. I would need specifics in term of which carrier in France and in Italy would be most appropriate considering costs and features, also the most important issue for me is about getting my emails (I use treomail) and internet access, I need tips, help and guidance on that, maybe some treo user has had some success with these ? Thank you again for sharing.
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    I'm also a Cingular user, and traveled to France, UK in January. I bought an Orange SIM in France, and was able to call and connect to TreoMail too.

    If you have the GPRS 1.1.1 upgrade, once the SIM is detected and recognized, the connection settings for that carrier are displayed in the "Network" Preferences. Watch out though, because they default to GPRS. So you have to go in and change to non-GPRS.

    I'm also guessing you'll have to buy a pre-paid SIM, since most carriers won't sell subscriptions to non-residents for credit check reasons.

    Hope this helps,

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    Here's a forum I help out at as a moderator. I had posted a topic for pda phone users about travelling to other countries what you will need to
    Here's also what was said if you don't want to go to the site above.

    1. Make sure cell phone carriers in that country offer the GSM freq your phone will except. (Treo 270 and 180 excepts 900 for Europe and 1900 for U.S.). You need this to match if you want to make voice calls.

    2. Make sure what ever carrier you have in the states is a partner or the same as the carrier you will use in that country if you want to make a data call with your original sim card.

    3. Go to this website to see what carriers in the country you like offer the freq you need which is GSM 900.GSM world

    4. Then whatever carrier you pick to use in that country it has to be a partner with whatever carrier you currently have in order to make data calls using the sim card you currently use.

    This information is only for GSM phones. There are no cell phone carriers in Europe that offer CDMA. If you don't believe me go to this website for a detailed map of carriers in the world and what service they provide. CDMA is found mostly in the states, Japan and parts of S. America.CDMA and GSM world coverage map

    If you don't want to use your current sim card in Europe and not pay the high roaming charges then you could buy a prepaid sim card in that country and make voice calls easily. As far as data calls go with that prepaid sim card you would have to use a dial up number to connect to the internet. For example before GPRS came out I had a Treo 180 and I was using a prepaid sim card. To connect to the internet I used an internet provider called in Germany that offered a dial up number to connect to the internet on your palm. If your going to Germany your more than welcome to use them. Enter for provider name. Enter freenet for user name. Enter mobil for password. And enter 22243 for dial up number. Getting a prepaid sim card would be very easy. You would be able to make voice calls right off the back but data calls you'll have to do some searching. If you keep the sim card you are currently using than you have to make sure several things match up.

    Just to help you out if you currently use T-mobile then here are the cell phone carriers you will use to not only make voice calls but also make data calls.


    FYI, here are the countries listed on that page as having international GPRS roaming (on the T-Mobile USA service, at least):
    Austria - T-Mobile Austria -- 900 MHz

    Czech Republic - T-Mobile Czech Republic -- 900 MHZ

    Canada - Microcell -- 1900 MHz

    Denmark - Sonofon -- 900 MHz

    Finland - Sonera -- 900 MHz

    France - Orange -- 900 MHz

    Germany - T-Mobile Germany -- 900 MHz

    Hungary - Westel -- 900 MHz

    Italy - TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) -- 900 MHz

    Norway - Telenor -- 900 MHz

    Poland - ERA -- 900 MHz

    Spain - Telefonica -- 900 MHz

    United Kingdom - T-Mobile U.K. -- 1800 MHz

    Of all these countries, only the UK is inaccessible from a US 2-band phone. So if you use T-mobile these are the countries you will have voice and data connections. U.S.A. is also included.

    I hope this helps anyone travelling. I'd hate for you to go to another country (like I did when I went to UK) and realize you can't check your email and don't know why( I know why now).For that matter if you went to another country and couldn't make even a voice call and didn't know why( Don't go to Japan with a GSM phone). That just says you didn't do your homework before you left.

    Also when making voice calls in other countries if your sim card is from somewhere other than the country you are in all calls must be dialed using country code plus the area code plus the number.

    I apoligize for this being so long. If anyone does decide to read this entirely. I know I wouldn't.
    May the lord bless you and Heaven smile upon you.
    Check out this site also for great discussions on all pdaphones.
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    You can use your Treo in the UK!

    02 or Vodafone - 900 Mhz - Yes!

    T-Mobile or Orange - 1800 Mhz - No!
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    Voice calls Yes. Not for Data calls though. The above list is the only places you can use yopur Treo for data calls with T-mobile being your GPRS provider.
    I hate it too.

    Now if you had a Tri band pdaphone like the Sony P800 then you could be in UK and send data.
    May the lord bless you and Heaven smile upon you.
    Check out this site also for great discussions on all pdaphones.
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    Sounds like we have the same vacation preferences.

    I have T-Mobile instead of Cingular, but the phone worked with no mods landing in Milan Malpensa, driving from there to Parma, to Venice, to Nice, to St Raphael, up to Paris. Not a hitch... This was before GPRS, but I was able to make data calls work (although they were pricey, as they were going back to the US.)

    Only think I did was to call my carrier first and make sure I had the ability to both *place* and *receive* international calls.

    You may want to let your freqeuent callers know you're going, so they don't call and run up your bill...

    And as others have said, you may want to rent a SIM to save on local calls. Mine were a steep 99 cents a minute. Ouch.

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