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    Hello all,

    I am a new treo user and I have a simple question. I currently us a Deluxe w/ the Visorphone. Can someone tell me if I can sync all the data in my Deluxe to the Treo, I know the datebook and address with be fine because I have them in Outlook. My biggest concer is all me SMS messages I have on my Deluxe, I would like to have those transfered to me Treo. Can someone tell me how to do this.

    Thanks in advance,
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    What SMS app are you using? Either way I don't think this is possible through hotsyncing. The SMS app on the Treo can only retrieve messages from the SIM card, or delivered directly.

    Maybe you can transfer the messages to your current SIM (I am making an assumption that you have one), then put that SIM on the Treo. Or resend all the SMS to yourself and retrieve them with the Treo.
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    is there maybe a 3rd party app I could use. I really need to transfer my SMSs!!
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    when i moved from prism/visorphone to treo, i just sync'd it as is and all my SMS were moved to the treo. Only difference is with visorphone there are 4 SMS folders (inbox, sent, pending, saved) while in treo only 3 (no saved). All SMS under saved would be transferred to inbox. i like the visorphone phonebook feature where when i tap the number it would give me a choice to dial or send sms. i wish the treo had the same feature. Good luck!
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    Originally posted by MarinoFAN
    is there maybe a 3rd party app I could use. I really need to transfer my SMSs!!
    Try using maxTEXT (third party SMS app)

    It has a feature where you can copy all sms records to memo.
    Install maxTEXT and copy all sms's to memo on your Visor and then Hotsync.
    Install maxTEXT on your Treo and Hotsync.

    You should end up with all of your SMS's in Palm Desktop, memo and maxTEXT on your Treo.

    Not tried maxTEXT on a visor so good luck

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