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    Since those of us with Treos spend a lot of time with our styli in our mouths (get your head out of the gutter) while we type with our thumbs, I have a great idea - PDAPops!

    These would be replacement disposable styli with a point on one end, for using on the screen, and a delicious hard candy on the other hand, like a lollipop. Depending on how much you use your Treo (and how much cat hair you have in your life in general), the pop would last several days. Once the candy is gone, toss the stylus in the trash and stick a new one in there.

    See? Necessity *is* the mother of invention. Or maybe it's boredom and lack of sleep. Who knows?

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    please let it be chocolate!!!!!!
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    Pretty sticky when taking the stylus out of your Treo
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    Originally posted by emajy
    Pretty sticky when taking the stylus out of your Treo
    Take the stylus out with your mouth.
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    I would buy it
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    And there's no reason it couldn't come with a thin plastic spherical cover to snap over the 'pop' portion and keep it dirt free...

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