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    just had a random thought, that what if Leo was "plant" as part of some crazy corporate espionage scheme to kill off webOS so it wouldnt succeed in the market due to how awesome it was/is, and to just spend a $hit-ton of money to lower HP's acquisition rate, so it could be bought up by what ever company.

    the reason i got this thought was reading an article and came across this quote:
    "If someone asked you about your leadership, you'd probably say give me more than 12 months," said Michael Useem, director of the Center for Leadership and Change Management at the Wharton School. "It would be shocking if there was anything significant in a year. But over two or three years, it will be apparent."

    Seems Meg started doing this in her new role almost immediately, where as it seems Leo came in sat in his office, and said, thats gotta go, this has to go, oh that definitely has to go, and while im at it, im just gonna spend 12 billion since its just laying around on the first company that agrees to let me buy it.

    just a thought, considering the drastic changes he made while CEO
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    /me dons tinfoil hat
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    The business world is filled with tales of inept CEOs who bankrupt companies and glide away from the burning, nosediving wreckage that is soon to be on Golden Parachutes worth 10's of millions of dollars...

    It is due to a mythical notion that if you've run one business, you can run any other... Somehow Boards of Directors fall for that fallacy quite often.

    It is true though... Or can be made true if you simply insert a letter "i" into the 3rd position of the second instance of the word run...
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    He was shortsighted and of questionable competence, but to suggest deliberate maliciousness is nuts. His tenure was simply the manifestation of the petty infighting and childishness of the Board.

    The Gold Standard for corporate mismanagement, as far as I'm concerned, will always be Commodore.
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    Nah, he just had a different vision for HP as a services provider IIRC, and PCs and phones didn't fit into it.
  6. #6 And the fact that your topic title implies fact rather than unsubstantiated bullcrap is even worse, doing your part to help make this place look like a bunch of bat**** loony folks in webOS Nation search results on Google. Thanks, dude.

    Here's some real simple facts for the business-uninitiated: CEOs f*** up. Some are so completely naive they don't know what they're doing. Some have radical visions that don't please everyone. Some are simply the wrong fit. Companies make stupid choices for staffing key positions. It happens all the time. It's business. Fortune 100 companies aren't immune from stupidity any more than your locally franchised fast food joint. HP just happens to be cultivating its own variety of stupid on an ongoing basis.

    Get over it and move on already. It's been over a year, and one would hope there are more important things to fixate on in life than an ex-CEO of a company just because he cancelled webOS. Even worse, contriving and sharing conspiracy theories surrounding it in public.
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    ... or maybe he was an alien from outer space ...
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    HP is not the same it was during the initial HP days.. After the merger of HP and Compaq, the cuts from R&D, and outsourcing key capabilities to subcontractors....where is the competitive factor that made HP what they were are no more there...
    There is the cultural issue.... - the hardware team is 'King' because they bring in LOTs of revenue - eventhough the margins are not fantastic..
    and Leo was the wrong kind of person to steer HP. It's a humongous elephant, you cannot do a quick U turn without getting into an accident. He made a huge mistake - firstly by messing with the current mechanism, and not knowing what to do....
    I'm not sure whether current HP leadership can do the job - but as mentioned ,the brand has lost it lustre, it's printer business is getting hammered by Canon, Epson. It's hardware servers - acer, dell, ibm, it's laptops - ibm, acer, asus, apple... and it's mobile initiative - died a premature death due to incompetency..
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    Quote Originally Posted by xandros9 View Post
    Nah, he just had a different vision for HP as a services provider IIRC, and PCs and phones didn't fit into it.
    Considering that Intel, AMD are even suffering from a weak pc market Microsoft to AMD Follow Intel Suffering From PC Weakness - Businessweek and that almost all pc makers have had problems and slowdowns including HP in PC sales one could make a decent argument that Leo's idea of selling off the PC division was viable strategy. And who knows in another two years he may be proven correct. I've for a long time thought HP would tank. And it's not like since Meg joined they are a better company. At least their stock is worse and it's not like they turned it around. Time will tell.

    As an aside i do think that Windows 8 may absolutely tank in a way that puts Vista to shame and if so that could further hurt PC sales for HP. I've been away from Macs for 14 years and I even decided i'm gonna buy a MacBook Air soon.
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    I'd really like to see a webOS-PE touch panel PC get produced and supported.

    It would open up development and the trend in desktop is to follow mobile and have Apps + Cloud Support so it would be a good fit for where the market is heading.
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