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    Treo 180 is no longer showing on the front page and in the communicators page it's listed with the text:

    "No longer available at"
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    Black & white ink jet printers disappeared about 5 years ago, and greyscale laptop computers disappeared a few years before that.

    Now we're seeing the end of black & white pda devices. Once again, Handspring is ahead of the curve.

    Now if Handspring could just turn a profit.
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    > ...Once again, Handspring is ahead of the curve

    Some would say introducing 4 new "innovative" products and discontinuing them all in less than a year isn't necessarily a sign of being "ahead of the curve" (*).

    > ...Now if Handspring could just turn a profit.

    Handspring said you have to wait til the end of calendar 2003 for that one.

    ((*) Handspring discontinued the TREO 180 after no more than 11 months of general availability and the TREO 90 after about 6 months. Neither the TREO 270 nor TREO 300 are being built unless some entity actually orders more than Handspring has in stock ("build to order only" from now on, according to the earnings conference) - since Handspring's "new communicators" are coming out Real Soon Now, they already have (or there exist) more than 100,000 unsold communicators, and sales over the entire 6-11 months for TREO communicators wouldn't cover the unsold communicators out there (almost), it is NOT a logical jump to say "Handspring has discontinued the TREO 270 and TREO 300 as well")

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