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    Preface: Well, a buddy of mine just got the new Danger Sidekick device and says he loves it. Always on, great Tmobile GPRS plan, nice device, etc.

    He also mentioned that he is changing his desktop browser's home page to the Tmobile-Sidekick site because it is very customized to his device and he says it is great!

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    Now enter us early adopting Treo-Tmobile users that can't even select their blanking device from the list on the Tmobile website! (Side rant: Actually the only time I have ever even seen the word Treo on the website is on this page which is a link off a Handspring site) This certainlly has turned me off of being a t-mobile user again.

    I also have been informed that the Tmobile/Sidekick site looks as if Sidekick created for Tmobile making it easy for them to work with a new device.

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    Now I suspect that since many of us joined as a Voicestream user and after Tmobile gobbled them up, they just didn't want to support previous contracts or devices in the same manner as the Sidekick. So from a business perspective I can see what happened, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't still suck to be a treo 180 user with Tmobile "service"

    Thanks for listening,
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    voicestream has been part of t-mobile for a long time - longer than the treo has been out, for sure, and i think longer than the visorphone as well.

    so, your theory about the voicestream to t-mobile conversion doesn't hold -- all they did was switch the voicestream name over to t-mobile to match the parent company's name (they timed this to match the entrance into new markets in california and elsewhere).
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    Originally posted by hyperenough
    voicestream has been part of t-mobile for a long time - longer than the treo has been out, for sure, and i think longer than the visorphone as well.
    When I purchased my Treo180, my contract and billing was all definately Voicestream.

    Regardless weather they were part of T-mobile or not. the Treo's absence from T-Mobile website is very dissapointing.

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    you're misunderstanding -- the bill SAID "Voicestream" on it, but the company called "Voicestream" has been owned BY the same company that owns T-Mobile for a long time.

    all they did recently was change the stationery, essentially, for your bills. T-Mobile is the same company as Voicestream, there was no "takeover" or "conversion" other than a cosmetic one to the new name.
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    yeah, but the service still stinks - from both companies!
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    I am sorry you don't like the service. The small transmitters in the new phones don't really do you any favors. 300mw, which is half what they used to be, can't get the signal out so you think its the coverage. Which is kind of true because the antenna's need to be closer at 300mw.

    T-Mobile Service has been good enough for me. I am a genuine authority on the subject. I have used 448,000 minutes since October 1997. I am Western Wireless 400th customer. Which was renamed to Voicestream in March of 1997.

    Everybody's coverage has holes. Nextel has the best building penetration because their frequencies are 800 mhz. The lower they are the better they go through concrete and steel. Sprint, TMO, ATT (GSM), and other PCS providers use 1900 mhz which cannot penetrate concrete very well.

    Of course ATT (formerly Celluler One) and Verizon (aka Airtouch, Bell Atlantic, US West) have better coverage because of their history. These guys started building antenna's in 1980 thereabouts. It takes time to build antennas. Sprint is trying to build more, but we live in big country and they cannot be all things to all people.

    I am really happy with Tmobile. The Treo does not work as well as my Nokia 8290. Most people don't like the 8290 but I love it. The Treo does not switch cells as well as my Nokia's either. That is software in the Treo.

    The Treo is however worth the trade. I have bought quite a bit of add on software now. TC Ringer, which is the only 'phone aware' hack I have seems to be source of most of my pain, but I deal with it.


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