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    I am looking for a discussion board(forum) exactly like this one except more broad, just PALM applications/ hardware in general - Not only treo... One that is as active as this one or more so. What are my options?
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    Hey brion,

    yeah Palminfocenter is the best IMHO, I'm a regular poster there and its great for all palmOS pda's. However their HS forum is pretty slow !! But thats to be expected b/c most users will come here for their info. There also dual platform sites like brighthand and pdabuzz that might want to consider. However, I find the forums on brighthand to be very poor and the regulars there less than appealing. Pdabuzz used to abe great back in the day but that site is dying. Other PalmOS specifc sites include: cliesource, clieplanet, palmstation. However I'ld checkout PIC 1st...
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    This may not meet your needs, but maybe others. If you are looking for coverage of all pdaPhones... all the Palm based, as well as other types... check out It's growing... some sections pretty active, others not.
    Mike Collins
    pdaPhoneHome, Home of the Treo 600 FAQ
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    Mike, IMHO PDAPhoneHome is incredibly slow on my Treo--like way too much superfluous data to chew through for each request. I stopped after a couple tries last week. It would be nice to have an alternative to this (really great) board, just for the sake of choice and variety. I wish PhoneHome could be put on a diet.
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    Try the biggest, most official, the one that's linked by the site....

    Palm, Inc don't own it or operate it, but they keep their fingers on the pulse of this board.

    Will Lau

    A Killer Email Client for Palm OS Smartphones, now available...
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    brighthand may be linked to from PalmSG, but I seriously doubt it is the biggest Palm Board. There too many PPC trolls there for my taste. PIC has been the preeminant Palm Board covering the whole PalmOS universe and it remains the #1 forum that any true PalmOS afianado visits. Furthermore, Steve Bush is too creepy IMHO...

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