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    Hi.. Im getting this message with some games and things I put on my treo... I tried deleting the games in the program Filez as well as the regular palm delete section, and to no avail. what am I not doing? Most things I can delete easy.
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    What are the applications that give the error?

    What is the exact, full error text?
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    Do a 'warm' reset by holding the page up button while using the reset pin. Release the button when the palm logo appears.

    You should then be able to delete the program, and then do a regular soft reset.

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    What is the page up button?
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    Thanks guys.

    The problem was they were hacks, and I had my hackmaster still utilizing them. What I had to do was go to hackmaster and turn them off first, then delete.
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    On a similar note ... do not use the Palm OS "Delete" screen to delete any document recognized by WordSmith. You'll wind up losing all WordSmith documents if you do it that way. Instead, go into WordSmith, and delete the document from inside the app.

    Again ... I found out the hard way. D'oh!

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