Thinking about the words you just had said: [I]the device was utterly useless and because of previous facts and happenings that the device was some form of useless brick.

Its not that the HP TouchPad is mostly useless(sometimes), but its OS is getting old. Let me explain a bit more, let's start by describing the stock OS web-browser, which many sometimes could be said about its poor performance and annoying loading page errors. And let's not forgot, about the out-dated flash player which still runs on the older version instead of the newer one: Flash Player 11.2.

And then other things of WebOS needs to be updated as well. I always wanted see on the OS messaging application video support for Google Talk/Yahoo/MSN Live. Yet. that never is going to happen....sadly thanks to those stupid running HP.

Certainly agree geekpeter, our devices still works without any hiccups or errors at all. My palm devices still does everything on what the WebOS team promised its users that it will do with OS 2.0/3.0. My Palm pre 2, still works like it was intended too (its great little phone) makes calls, emails, music as much as any other smartphone in the market does. However, we can not simply deny the 'facts' that as Android and iOS continues to bring new updates to their mobile operating that WebOS doesn't start to look its age.

It's really important that users could still see in a mobile operating system that keeps getting more powerful, versatile and feature-packed on every update of the OS. Yet we can't speak of that on the recent developments of the WebOS, which it gets further behind as other competitors like the android and iOS gets more features on every new version that the company releases. Let's take for example Android OS, no matter how many say its crappy and useless apps. Google has done a great work on its basic core services like renting movie/music/cloud services that is offered as part of the android experience. So when comparing that to WebOS, we could agree that this great OS needs a bit of catching up to do....

My sincere apology to you Steven_Farkas, didn't noticed my error until you corrected in your post. It was not my intention to misspell your username....

Well, being honest its a bit silly to a lot of people(to me too sometimes)....yet I guess its the only way for me to relieve some anger towards HP will be just name-calling them on every word that could found in the English dictionary. It's still impossible to believe on how HP stupidity caused them to miss a great opportunity with WebOS in the mobile market...

While HP focusing on the enterprise business might be okay at the moment, but HP can't lay their backs pretending that on the printing and software business will make HP stay relevant. With the recent news that HP has been seeing huge money loss in the market, and their PC business is not that profitable as it once was.....HP needs to start thinking more efficiently/wisely about what the thing matters most "consumers" and mobile computing like tablets/phones.

While the layoffs might had been earlier this year, its still caused the damage to the WebOS team efforts in the long term. Within the article of the NYT, it clearly mention that it took a lot of time to release this Open Source project due to the limited people within the unit. All in all, you can't say that HP has been fully commitment only because of the deadlines...they still got to show us on their plans after dumping the codes to the Open Source community.

And to the point about the hiring, how many positions we could say it has been filled ? Not much, besides the few interns that HP officially recognized on their own blogs. We hear more stories of people leaving HP than the people that are getting newly hired to work on WebOS.

Thanks for agreeing with me once at least.... I will say its more of a kick in the teeth, its an all complete betrayal to the WebOS community at large(seriously speaking). Many people were at least looking forward to this Open Source of WebOS, specially the features that some people at HP continues to talk about. Now, we have to depend on the WebOS hacker community to do the work that the lazy of HP couldn't do because of limited resources.

While I like what the community has been doing lately with the community edition of WebOS 3.0.5, but still too far off to consider a viable future for our legacy devices.
"NOW" we have to depend on the community? In my mind webOS users have been doing that from the moment we bought our first device. Hardly anything new there.