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    Anyone ever experienced the following problem:

    - When try to make outgoing call, there is error message saying:
    "Problem with SIM Card was detected. Check your SIM to see if it is damaged or missing". Cannot receive SMS messages but can send the SMS. However, incoming call is fine

    I use Treo270 which has been upgraded to GPRS

    Any suggestion for solution?
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    See thread
    or read below.

    As I have encountered the same problem lately, I thought this one might be helpful for you. i think I'll call Vodafone in Germany and ask them kindly to replace my SIM.

    Cheers, Marcus

    Greg wrote:

    "Mine was doing that for a while as well. It would happen after the radio kept turning off by itself. See my earlier thread:

    After HS sent me a new 270, it worked great for about a week and than it started to do the same thing again. I figured it might just have been a bad sim card since it was the same one that was in my first 270 and the problem was happening again with the second one so last week I stopped at Cingular and got a new sim card. Its been perfect ever since.

    So to cut a long story short you might just have a funky sim card. Get a new one.
    By the way they charged me $25 for a sim which was a crock of **** so as the guy was ringing it up I called customer service and they were nice about the whole thing and simply credited my account for the cost of the sim.


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