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    touchpad 32gb 3.0.5
    Veer - black - 2.2.4
    Veer - panda - 2.1.2 (backup)

    3 phone touchstones
    1 tablet touchstone
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    Palm zire 72, palm pre, palm pre2, HP TouchPad 16Gb

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    Quote Originally Posted by xandros9 View Post
    note of exceptions much appreciated
    You're welcome I've always been pretty trustworthy, I think, but when it came to when I wanted to do things the parents wouldn't approve of.. well.. yeah. In the case of having 4 teens (well, one 12 almost 13, one 14, one 17, one 18), they're all discovering lots of new things in life, and having a 17 and 18 year old leading the charge, they all want to have a boyfriend/girlfriend, and all the other things that being older brings them, but the younger two don't get to do some of that stuff yet, and the older 2 are always being sneaky about things, even things that they don't need to be sneaky about. And the middle one will lie to us even well beyond the point of us showing him absolute proof of lying, even in regards to things that absolutely don't matter at all. I don't think he's said a truthful thing in weeks.
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    Palm PrPrPr&#$275$;, $Palm$ $Pixi$ $Plus$ ($Verizon$), $HP$ $Pre3$ ($Verizon$). $And$ $anHP$ $TouchPad$ $4G$ $coming$ $soon$
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    Palm V, Clie NZ-90, T5, Treo650, Centro, Pre, Pre+. All functional except for T5 (broken screen); Pre+ and Centro are in active use.
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    Sprint Palm Pre (broken usb port)
    Sprint Palm Pre (replacment, modem used on my FrankenPre)
    Sprintified Pre 2(broken screen)
    Sprintified Pre2 (replacement)

    32GB Touchpad (main tablet)
    64GB Touchpad (webOS/CM9)

    Until webOS ports gets webOS on new hardware, I'll be buying Pre2's as replacements as needed!
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    Palm Treo 650 AT&T with white housing

    Palm Treo 680 AT&T Silver

    Palm Centro AT&T Blue

    Sold my AT&T Palm Pre Plus

    Sold my unlocked GSM Pre2

    HP Pre 3 AT&T 16 GB daily driver

    Spare AT&T HP Pre 3 16 GB used as spare battery charger for my Pre3 DD

    HP TouchPad 16GB

    HP TouchPad 32GB

    2 Pre Touchstones, one in car one on nightstand

    HP Touchpad Touchstone

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    Treo 755p, pre plus, Pixi plus, pre 2, pre 3, touchpad 32gb, touchpad 4g, touchpad white 64bg, veer, and my pride and joy... The Palm Foleo :-)

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    Oh wow, a Palm Folieo is an awesome collectors item. It's very rare haha
    Verizon Pre 3. ATT HP Touchpad. Touchstone 2.
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    1 - Pre+
    1 - Pre3
    3 - Touchstones (office, car, home)
    2 - 32g TouchPads (me and wife)
    1 - 16g TouchPad (kids)
    5 - TouchPad Touchstones (2 office/3 home)

    Old - Palm !!!xe, Palm V, m500, Tungsten t|x, Treo 680.
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    Not sure you can call it much of an inventory, lol, but I have a FrankenPre2 and a 32GB TouchPad with just webOS. Both of which are still daily drivers.
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    Palm IIIc
    Treo 650
    Treo 755p
    Palm Pre +
    Palm Pre 2
    2 32gbTouchpads
    Palm Pre 3 ( arriving tomorrow!)
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    2 32gb TouchPad
    6 Veers
    4 Pre 3s
    3 Pre 2s
    2 Pre Plus's

    All are for AT&T... What can I say, I wanted spares... ;-)
    -= Gihmley =-

    Alas, poor WebOS... we barely knew ye...
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    Eveything bar a Folio from IIIe to Pre3, and TP 4g & 64GB.
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    I have the following devices:
    • HP Pre3 (AT&T)
    • White HP TouchPad 4G

    I also had a 16GB TouchPad and a 64GB TouchPad but have sold both of those.

    I also have the following accessories:
    • TouchPad Touchstone
    • Bluetooth TouchPad Keyboard
    • Three TouchPad cases (two are new-in-box spares)
    • Half a dozen Touchstones
    • Palm Pre Car Charger
    • Mugen Power 1400mAh Extended SL Battery for HP Pre3
    • Mugen Power 2800mAh Extended XL Battery for HP Pre3
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    Devices: Pre3 16GB (AT&T - webOS 2.2.4) | White TouchPad 4G 32GB (AT&T - webOS 3.0.5 + LunaCE)
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    one active pre- for my girlfriend and two pre- in some form of disrepair donor pre- completely apart

    my daily driver frankinpre2


    my backup Veer

    32g Touchpad

    two touchstones and one for my TP for a total of three

    5 backup palm batteries and one Seiko extended battery
    32G Touchpad
    iphone 5 on sprint wouldn't leave a good relationship
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    I have the following devices :

    One touchpad 64gb
    Two touchpad 16gb
    Two touchpad 32gb

    2 Pre 3

    1 Veer White, 1 Veer Black

    4 Touchstone
    2 Bluetooth keyboard
    2 Touchstone (touchpad)
    5 Touchpad Cover
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    tungsten E (still works when charged)
    tungsten TX (sold)
    lifedrive (sold)
    treo 650 (sold)
    treo 680 (sold)
    2 palm centro (1 sold, i still use the other one for splashID and palmOS games)
    2 veers (both sold)
    2 touchstones (1 sold)
    HP Pre3 (ROW 2.24 - main phone)

    also have an android ICS phone as a backup, got it 2 weeks ago ... love the free apps but nobody can beat webos multitasking, gestures, swipe
    i installed WebOS Go Launcher EX Theme, still can't let go of webos
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    My Inventory is / was :

    Palm pre- : 3 one fine ( now my backup pre,) two just for spareparts...

    Pre 3 : the first one had a broken backlight in this summer, it was replaced by hp by another broken one, took 4 times to send it back to hp to get it working an finaly I got another replacement pre 3 ... in the meanwhile i bought another pre 3 which i sold in december when i got the working pre 3 from hp %) ... so finaly i had 4 different pre 3 in my hands.

    touchpad 32 gb

    2 x pre touchstones
    1 x touchpad touchstone
    2 x bluetooth keyboards...

    well i think thats all
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    Palm Pre -
    Palm Pre 2
    HP Pre 3
    HP Touchpad 32GB
    and since yesterday: HP Veer. I love it!

    Wanted to have the Veer as a 2nd device to go out with because of it's size. What a great small phone. I might end up using it fulltime. Definately feel tempted to, the Pre 3 is so awkwardly huge in comparison... The Veer reminds me of the time with small dumbphones like my Ericsson T39m and S/E W880i, when you could't always tell if you have your phone in your pocket (the pros of that outweighing the cons for me), only that it can do so much more when you need it to.
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