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    So Treo #2 has now hit the dust, to be replaced by Treo #3.

    Problem is, Treo #2 had the unofficial GPRS patch (singtel, etc.), and Treo #3 wants it too. Since I want to install the GPRS patch, but *not* use GPRS (as I did with the singtel work-around), what should I do now? I'm concerned that now that it's "official" on t-mobile here in the US, I shouldn't really be using the work-around. But I don't want to install the patch, and then have to use GPRS due to a one-way install sequence.

    Thoughts? Experiences? Recommendations? Condolences?

    (Kinda ironic since Treo #1 got the series 1.0 updater, Treo #2 got GPRS 1.1 unofficial, and now Treo #3 may end up getting the official 1.1.)
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    Check the 180 forum for the "Mute button" thread.

    All the details & URL for the upgrade.

    I just completed upgrading my "cingular" phone using the Singtel file - and it works perfectly!

    Have fun!

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