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    Gizmodo is reporting that M$ is limiting the number of WinRT tablet manufactures and lists Qualcomm as teaming up with HP and Samsung.

    Microsoft Placing Restrictions On Who Can Make Windows RT Tablets At Launch | Gizmodo Australia

    If it is in the works do you think HP would make it easy to port OpenWebOS to it?

    Edit: Dam it. I just read the source article and the list must predate HP dropping ARM.
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    Windows RT launch partners revealed, other OEMs locked out until January 2013 |

    Rumor has it that Dell is angling to take HP's spot with Qualcomm. (Each chip maker could partner with up to two OEMs)...

    If no one takes HP's spot the number of OEMs manufacturing WinRT tablets drops by one. It's a pretty restrictive and locked down process. Msft appears to be trying to make all their downline distributors squabble amongst themselves.

    Nvidia and Qualcomm each found two partners (until HP backed out), Texas Instruments put all their eggs in one basket labeled Toshiba.

    So from a potential number of 6 RT Tablet makers we could be down to just 4...

    Add in the restrictive licensing fees for RT and the stab in the back over Win 8 Tablets that Msft perpetrated and it is beginning to look like a bad deal for anyone getting involved in making tablets to run a Windows OS.
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