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    My Treo 300 has worked like a charm ever since I got it, that is until this afternoon.

    First, I could not get a signal whether at home or whether I drove a few miles. I called Sprint and they said there was no network trouble. Eventually, the signal strength improved. However, I still cannot receive calls, dial out or use PCS Vision. I went to check the settings under “Preferences” and found a couple of problems. Under “Web Clipping,” it says, “Error: The web clipping application can not be found. It is required to open the panel.” And under “Wireless,” it says “Error: cannot find Inetlib.” Under "Connection," is "wireless modem" supposed to be highlighted?

    I've performed both soft and hard resets without any luck. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get my Treo working again? Otherwise, I’ll have to go talk to the dummies at my local Sprint store tomorrow. Thanks!!
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    You said you did a hard reset…did you do a hotsynch with your computer? You should be able to get your archived files back and possibly correct your problem. Good Luck!
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    Is this a Treo 300? I only ask because you've got web clipping. Also, you've got a reference to inetlib, which is a Palm VII ( library that won't work on the Treo 300. Do you have a lot of third-party stuff on your phone? I'd look there first.
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    Yes, it is the Treo 300. The reason for some of those Palm files being added was to get the PQAs to work. Those files have been on there for quite sometime so I doubt they have anything to do with the problem.

    I performed a hard reset and the Treo still would not work. Then, I did a hot synch and still nothing. I have not added any third party apps in quite a while either. Any ideas?

    UPDATE: I just got back from the Sprint Store. I felt like a real fool as my Treo began working the second I started talking to the rep. Apparently, they are doing "upgrades" in my area and many people are without service. But yesterday, I called Sprint to rule out this type of problem and they told me everything in the area was fine. But thanks anyway to those who gave me suggestions.
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