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    I have a 270- happily using it with only third party app's being Eudora, Datebook5 and a couple of thrid party games. I generally only hotsynch from home as my office pc doesn't have a USB connection. For some unknown reason I hotsynched my 270 from work. Forgetting that I had sometime in the past downloaded the GPRS updater. I already had GPRS 1.1 loaded and running on my 270 for 3 months ago via my home pc.
    Now after almost 2 hours of serial cable hotsyching - my treo has reset, updated, and I have no GPRS patch, no third party app's and NO contacts/appointments on my 270.

    help!!!what do I do now??

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    Did you lose ALL of your data? Do you think the system hard rebooted itself?
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    Yeap. eveything's gone. - All my speed dial buttons, datebook5 has vannished. As has Eudora, etc, etc.. kinda hoping that I can get it all back by hot synching from home? or would I need to reload the app's first.. OMG.. my GPRS settings as well. fck this is a disaster...
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    Don't worry Wayno
    I had the same problem long time ago .... And what I've done is when Handspring send me a refurbished unit I backed up the ROM using JackSprat ( A program that backups the ROM)

    So I have a backup of the GPRS updated TREO just in case

    Just mail me at so I can send you the backup, the program and instructions

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    do a hard reset and do a hot sync from your home computer and you should be ok.

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    You should make a copy of your /palm/"hotsync name"/backup folder immediately at your home computer before you do anything there with the Palm.

    Also make a copy of the built-in applications (datebk, memo, todo and address) data too as this may not be in the backup directory.

    Since you have lost the GPRS1.1 in the Treo, why not download the newer GPRS1.1.1 and reflash the Treo completely at you home?

    Then from the backed up BACKUP folder reload all your old programs.

    Some steps missing but hope you understand the concept. Good luck!
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    Good suggestions Abid!!

    However, I don't see how this could have removed the GPRS patch, I didn't think that functionality had been built into the updater. Did you confirm this by looking at the "Phone Info" selection within the phone app? Did it still state Product Rev: GPRS 1.1? Or something else now?
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    fkpalm- that did the trick- hard reset, hotsynch from home, and everythign has come back - Eudora, datebook5, GPRS thanks for help


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