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    I recently upgraded to a 270. Since then, I've noticed that I can't use a hands-free earpiece without getting a buzz in my ear that both sides of the call can hear. It fades in and out, and sometimes can be adjusted by moving my unit, extending the cord, etc. When I unplug and put the Treo to my ear, the buzz disappears.

    I would be convinced that this was a headset issue, but I have the same problem with 2 different headsets, and I didn't have the problem with these same headsets on my old 180.

    Anybody else expereince anything else like this? Any suggestions?
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    I had the same problem when I got my 270, and it turned out to be the jack itself (on the phone, not the earpiece) It would go away when I pushed the connector in a little harder than usual. Something obviously wasn't making contact with a casual insertion. It has since gone away. (either that or I push it in hard now without even realizing it.)

    Not sure if this is your problem but I figured I'd pass it along.
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    i had the exact problem with my 3rd replacement. after completing the various troubleshooting items with hs, they sent me a replacement. this one works much better. I wouldn't mess around like I did (uninstalling software, installing gprs, buying and trying a different headset, and having hs send a new hs headset), I would try to get it replaced. that worries me that it's another 270 bug. I did post a note on treocentral of my problen (around thanksgiving), but no one replied they were having similar issues...good luck! please post a note of your progress.

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