Hi There,

I have been playing with these programs in the past, and am trying to decide which one to stick on my Treo 270 as my main Reader.

iSilo (~340K)
Nice Interface.. iSiloX easy to use, reads standard Docs... BUT, cannot refresh the content through GPRS, and does not Refresh on hotsync.

Plucker (~100K)
Again nice... seems to have a hotsync refresh... (I can't get it working), does not read DOC files, also cannot refresh through GPRS.

Avantgo (~318K)
Refreshed on every Hotsync, and can Refresh through GPRS, Dependent on one Server, Cannot read DOCS, can be used as browser, creates the largest files of the three.

That is the summary that I came to. I am sticking to Avantgo and iSilo at the moment. Have I got anything wrong here, or does anybody know how to get around the disadvantages. I really only want one reader on the system.