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    Quote Originally Posted by p41m3r View Post
    It sounds like he is bitter and burned by the development. Im sure Ms' reaction would be 'who cares!' Why does he have to be in on it?
    good question and exactly what the article is driving at. He has to be in on it because MSFT needs these channel partners to help implement the large amount of customization that the enterprise client requires. The chsnnel has to invest in order to meet the customization needs and therefore they are saying that they should be brought in earlier on msft plans and consulted, if they are not, then it is too risky for them to invest to meet customer needs. This guy also saying msft failed in past at debuting hardware and what if msft fails again as it past record suggests it might? then this guy is out all this money he invested to train his guys to help customize for a failed product.
    fyi, those in the channel last year who had invested in webos as they thought they were going to get project work out of it, were really burned by leo pulling out according to some articles in crn.

    edit: Bloomberg now reporting rumor that msft may be making its own phone
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    I read another article where Acer's founder was saying that there was no need to worry about MS releasing the Surface:

    Microsoft will withdraw later from tablet market: Acer founder | Business Tech - CNET News

    His reasoning was that it is similar to when Google put out the Nexus 1, that it was just a temporary foray into hardware to best showcase the pure Android experience and encourage manufacturers to put out products for it. I'm amazed at his line of thinking, as I don't remember Google INTENDING it to be temporary, but rather that it ended up being temporary because things didn't go the way they had expected. Also, their later purchase of Motorola Mobility further clarifies the issue. Seems he's whistling past the graveyard on this one...
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    Until where I remember, the Nexus 1 was a biggest failure and; for this reason, the Google changed to "developer edition"...

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    Dear Tim Cook: that tablet is an awesome toaster-fridge.
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    to get back into the game
    tablets are the future of computing, along with smartphones
    HP needs to get back into the game & Microsoft's move may stimulate developing webOS based products rather than going with Win 8 for mobile computing
    MS has not done well with mobile systems & HP has everything in place, but I think cowardly abandoned webOS fearful of MS software dominance in computers, their core product
    now that MS has changed the game, HP should press the advantage they have & let their enormous potential be realized
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    Is it too late to reverse the open source decision? I never thought that was the right call. Android has now purchased Motorola and is making its first tablet. it has a very competent handset maker in Motorola available. Microsoft is spending lots of money making its own tablet, and covers, etc. They basically have their own handset maker - Nokia - who they've funded to the tune of one billion dollars so far. Many people believe that Microsoft will eventually buy Nokia to keep windows phone going.
    I use my phone to access data and the internet probably 10 times more than I did 3 years ago. The same is true with 3G tablets, etc. I don't understand what HP thinks the answers are here other than making a go of it with webos. They are about to be left with no phone strategy and as only a clone tablet maker. I can't see that being a future plan for HP.
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    Looking forward to the day goes hp rots away... If they continue to do that to webOS
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    Looks like Acer changed their tone on the Surface Tablet:

    HP was completely stupid for going the Windows route. Being a Windows partner made them the #1 PC maker, but it also put them in a low margin market where they have little control over their destiny. WebOS gave them some control but they couldn't handle some of the pitfalls of going it alone. Just think if Microsoft had given up after the bad publicity behind the release of Windows ME or Windows Vista? Microsoft FIXED the problems with Vista and now you have Windows 7. HP should have stuck it out. Now they are in some serious trouble.

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