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    Hi All,

    My friend has a Treo 300. He's in need of some type of keyguard for it since whenever the T300 is in his pocket the keys get inadvertantly pushed.

    Is there a software patch/hack/update/solution for this?

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    I know this isn't a lot of help, but yes, there's something out there for that kind of thing. I just saw it just a few days ago, either at or I just can't remember what it was, sorry. But it's out there, and it allows you to control which hard buttons (including the power button) will turn the Treo on, if any.

    Good luck with the search. I can't seem to find it again.
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    Okay, I felt bad about leaving you hanging, so I did a better search. Here it is. Hope this works for your friend.
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    I think that this is the one you ment to post:

    The one you posted is for palm OS 5
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    Thank you both for the replies! He'll definitely appreciate it!
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    Originally posted by millerhifi
    I think that this is the one you ment to post:

    The one you posted is for palm OS 5
    It don't work for Treo as advertised.

    The only way to disable the hardkeys on a Treo using this app is to select 'stop alarm Wakeup'. Unfortunately, it seems an incoming phone call is treated as an alarm and your Treo never wakes up so you miss the call.

    I have been in contact with the author numerous times only to find out it was never tested on a Treo Communicator because he didn't have one

    I tried every configuration and even the OS5 version (suggested by the author) but no go. If anyone can get it to work, let me know as I too need something to lock my hardkeys.
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    Palm Off Hack (palmgear) has been working great on my Treo 90. When engaged, only the power button (or removing the SD) will turn the unit on.
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    Thanks for the OS 5 correction.

    The pre-5 version worked for me. It disabled the hard keys just fine on my 270.

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