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    Yannick Pellet just posted on his blog that HP is looking for webOS people:
    It has been a tough year but webOS is on the rise again. I am in charge of development for the whole webOS software stack as well as the community and developer relations that are behind Open webOS.
    With the help of our wonderful team, we are already making great progress in rebuilding a sane RD base towards a great roadmap. For this, we need people...and we are already recruiting. Bellow you will a few interesting position related to my organization.
    Jobs at HP | HP
    About Yannick Pellet (from his linkedin):
    I have a unique experience in building up platform and OS and a thorough understanding of how to ramp up high-quality operations for mobile product development.
    I was involved in the product development of half a dozen of mobile products such as the critically acclaimed N900 and N9 and I have a wide experience in the areas of SW development, UX design, product creation and operations.
    I can manage large organizations but I thrive in an environment that incubates great technology within small and nimble teams and where there is the will to scale those innovation towards mainstream - from a product and market perspective.

    I was part of the original team of engineers that created the Linux and Open-source Maemo platform - which would latter become Meego by merging with Moblin. This context has enabled me to gain a deep knowledge of how to collaborate with Open Source communities.
    I now work on webOS at HP, heading the whole client SW development for webOS and Open webOS where my focus is more on web cross-platform technologies and where I lead also our community involvement and our developer relations.
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    oooh shiney.

    nice to see some news that occasionally inject morale to balance the heart wrenching news.

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