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    Meg Whitman reviews 2Q12 earnings and company restructuring on CNBC

    Early this morning, Meg Whitman sat down with CNBC for an extended discussion of HP's second quarter earnings report and company restructuring, both of which were announced yesterday.

    Watch the full thirteen minute on Hewlett-Packard's CEO Whitman on Turnaround - CNBC
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    I will say that after all of HP's bad financial decisions (Autonomy) and in-fighting - putting Meg in charge was a smart move. She's got the background and tenacity to tighten the tourniquet as tight as needed to stop the bleeding no matter how much it hurts. Without trying to sound blinded by bias, I honestly believe she has the best in mind for open sourcing webOS. Only time will tell....
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    well, she is an iron lady

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