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    From a business point of view, HP stands to gain very little by open sourcing WebOS. Simply put, a mobile OS without a major hardware backer cranking out hardware doesn't stand much of a chance. WebOS had a really good shot at becoming the third horse in the race, but HP fumbled the ball horribly. Microsoft has since stepped up and taken that spot - and with Nokia's backing, Windows Phone is already seeing some pretty impressive jumps in market share.

    It totally blows, because WebOS had more potential than any of them. But I fear that HP's simply going to open source it and, once it's out there, they'll simply say 'you guys have fun' and that'll be the end of it as far as they're concerned.
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    Alas, poor WebOS... we barely knew ye...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dignitary View Post
    With Samsung merging Bada into Tizen (with Intel's backing) and Mozilla's Boot2Gecko already enjoying OEM support, it's going to be a hell of an uphill climb for Open webOS to occupy more than a fraction of a percent in marketshare.

    So the question is better framed: "Could HP find enough market support to sustain a growth model for Open webOS given the backing the competition already enjoys?" Even if you remove iOS and Android from the equation, you're still up against Windows Phone 7/8, Tizen, and Mozilla B2G--all of which have ready-made OEMs, a clear pathway to market presence, and no lack of financial backing.
    OK, you've made the negative case adequately. Now you go lie on a beach and enjoy the sunshine.

    For myself, this is far from over. The android OEMs are scrambling to get a strategy that will take off in the marketplace in the wake of google/motorola and the google branded tablets that are coming.

    Everyone was disrupted by Amazon.

    Someone just wrote an article about the 100 things wrong with windows NT, I did not have the time to get past line 30.

    Mozilla has one phone partner and Tizen has OEM support but the customer is king so the jury is still out on both of these.

    webOS is an elegant platform and potentially a disruptive force to all of this.

    Besides, we have webos-internals and also Jason Robataille at Palm HQ now. No one else has them.
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    maybe the cuts are a good thing.

    it's not as if HP was doing anything revolutionary anyways.
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    first of all if it does happen so what!

    grab all the hardware you can afford and we go underground...I like being the underdog

    Samsung apple war is raging and we wait out the fallout and when its over we will crawl out of the woodwork and unwrap the last of our batteries and......OK I hope it doesn't happen :-)
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    From Page 1 Post #18 of this thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    This has nothing to do with the webOS division, according to Enda McGrath on Twitter.
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    It's official: 27000 layoffs.
    Official statement HP Investor Relations - Financial news
    In the news: HP cuts 27,000 workers
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