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    Ok... here goes;

    If the battery is low you get

    1) Blinking Red Light

    - Which does NO GOOD if you're talking on the phone

    2) A message on your screen

    - Which does NO GOOD if you're talking on the phone

    So here's the simple question - Is there any software/setting which will allow a LOW or EXTREMELY Low alert tone to be set?

    If not, PLEASE... anyone with programing knowledge, write something. I will buy it
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    Ok. Perhaps that was hasty (hadn't even hit to search) just got cut off mid call again.

    I guess a better question would be does anyone have experience with and have any recommendations for a good peice of software to AUDIBLY alert you to the state of the battery.
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    I might be wrong but on my Treo 270 (b4 I did GPRS update) I remember hearing a system beep whenever the low battery warning apeared on the screen.

    Are you using your handsfree headset to talk? Cuz I never use the headset and when it beeped I instinctively looked at the screen and saw that the battery was low. I guess if you use the handsfree headset you wouldn't hear the beep because the beep comes out of the internal speaker and not from the phone/headset speaker.
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    When I'm talking on it w/out the ear bud I still never hear a warning tone.

    That's exactly what I would like for it to do


    I just realized that "System Sound" volume was set to 0. Would that have kept the "Low Battery" tone from sounding? I had it turned off because I hate listening to all the little squeeks and buzzez it makes when you activate menu's etc.

    If that is the reason, is there a way to modify which actions make system sounds?
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    for the record I turned system sounds back on..... and it gives a tone when the low battery warning comes on.


    If you are in a call the system warning screen comes on BUT IT WILL NOT PLAY THE TONE.

    Is there ANYWAY to fix this?
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    Dannoz, I'm with you! I would very much like to have an AUDIBLE BEEP if the battery low warning pops up while I'm talking on my Treo 300.

    I can't see the screen when the phone is held at the side of my head. So the low battery warning message usually doesn't get noticed. The way I usually discover that my battery is low is that the phone hangs up and disconnects from the network. Ugh! :-(

    Did you ever find a solution for this, Dannoz? Does anyone know of a way to make my Treo 300 beep if I'm talking on it and the battery is running low?



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