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    I would have to say I'm fairly bullish on HS's future. They are going through a rough stretch, which they acknowledged they would go through when they began the transition from organizers to communicators. They are streamlining their operations and reducing overhead. Moreover, all indications are that they are developing some very lucrative deals with carriers and firms in the enterprise market. It will not be the same type of firm when it finishes the transition; however, the reports of its demise, I believe, are highly presumptious.

    I suspect you will see some very ugly financials the next two quarters, but dramatically lower expenses and profits afterwards. I am also looking for more branded products, like the Sprint 300, and more better relationships with carriers. Lastly, lets not forget that no one, besides HS, has shown an ability to merge PDA and cellphone well.
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    I am bullish on Handspring as well. My prediction is that they will break even by the end of this year. I think the ciommunicator business is where it is at. I could never see myself going back to a PDA only device.
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    Treo 300 is a sh#$-hot product with not a near-competitor in sight. Even in the GSM world there is no communicator with a touch screen, Palm OS, the unique ROM enhancements and most especially the keyboard. The RIM GSM/GPRS phone drives you nuts without a touch screen and it is v. expensive and b/w. The i330 is nice if you need multimode but has no keyboard. How do you answer those mails and IM messages without getting graffiti-cramp. The Sidekick is not bad but is plagued with lots of hardware/software issues and is essentially quite big and gimmicky with no real extra software options. The Palm Inc device coming out later this year under the Tungsten brand is like the early RIM phone device - you talk only via earpiece. What do you do if the phone rings and you cant find the earpiece at all or soon enough? The new selector is nice and the build looks solid.It is a bit uncool to copy a design that is already similar to RIM. Hello RIM - color, touchscreen, an ounce of cool.

    So I still say Treo color phones have a way to go to be matched by anything out there. VeriChat, SnapperMail, Treo Mail and lots of other software make it a killer mobile net experience. The 90 is a great little organizer and unmatched in slim size but how could it compete against the Sony Clie releases any more.

    SPV in Europe is not a bad phone for the money but it feels very odd having no touch screen and the keyboard is very cramped at the top. T9 input gets tiresome pretty soon on a communicator even if entering one or two contacts. Even with an external keyboard I would be reluctant to use one in place of my trusty 300.

    I think the 7135 is OK but it has that Verizon chunky but serviceable look. The MP3 stuff is tempting but I could not deal with the look of the phone.

    The i500 seems OK too and slightly better looking than the 7135. Samsung are pretty good at making phones but dont really work too hard on the UI to make them really fun/cool to use.

    So I still have hopes for the color Treos and am eagerly awaiting news of the next device from HS. I just hope they dont get bought out or merge & lose their creative edge before we see some new toys.

    PS Hint: 2-way sms native, wireless app swapping, IM, SD/MMC, dual band, FM radio, MP3, polyphonic ringtone editor, Jscript in the browser
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    well I think Treo 90 users will have a new option once sony releases the TG50:
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