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    I'm not sure if anyone else would like this design, but why not incorporate the rotating display feature found in the Samsung SPH-A600 on a Palm OS smartphone like the Treo 270/300? That would create a tablet mode akin to the N series clie, but it would be a smartphone! That would be absolutely fantastic! Imagine the phone below (A600) with the same features as the Treo plus OS 5, SDIO, BT, Palm OS, and 320x320 screen? Just imagine the QEWRTY keypad instead of numeric dialpad, and of course keep the camera! Does anyone else here share the same view?
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    It's ok, but my main point of input is the keyboard. I wouldn't find much use if it was covered.
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    imagine the QEWRTY screen instead of numeric dialpad, and of course keep the camera!
    A QWERTY screen?
    Then I move to Pocket PC!
    No thank you. I want to keep my built-in keyboard.

    And as for a camera... I know, this is the latest trend.
    I played with many phones with camera (Sony Ericsson P800, Panasonic GD98 or other Nokias) and wasn't much impressed.
    Maybe I'm wrong and can't understand the usefulness of the gadget.
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    Maybe I'm just plain stupid, but all I'd like is a faster processor, OS5, a high-res screen and built-in bluetooth (and maybe a better stylus/holder ???). The form factor is just fine by me. Besides, if you put the screen in the top of the flip, I can garuntee that the connection between the flip-up screen and the rest of the phone will break after openning and closing the phone a few thousand times !!!
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    Why? The only reason the phone has a rotating screen is so the user can point the camera at someone else and see the picture they are about to take.

    Plus, having a rotating hinge, as apposed to a 'standard' hinge, gives the phone just one more point at which something can break.

    No thanks.
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    I second what KKenna said.
    I bought and use the Treo because it is a Treo. Enough said.
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    I'm still trying to count the number of replacements I've had b/s Handspring has failed to build a solid product. The idea that I would buy something from them with more moveable parts is simply laughable.
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    A QWERTY screen?
    Then I move to Pocket PC!
    No thank you. I want to keep my built-in keyboard?
    OOOPs, Sorry I meant to say replace the numeric keypad witha QWERTY kepad. I corrected the error in th post.

    Also I'm not saying the screen should be moved entirely to the flip cover! I'm saying another scrren should be added to the flip cover that has the ability to rotate! Furthmore, including the rotating screen wouldn't necesarily stop you from using the Treo's keypad. It would just give the device another option of being used as purely a pda in tablet mode much like the sony NR/NX series pda. Use it as a phone when you like, use the QWERTY keypad when you like, use it in tablet mode when you like. The advantage of the tablet mode IMO, is the ability to hold a device in one hand more comfortably. Sometimes that hinge and cover sticking up seems in the way. Plus there is soo much real-estate there that just seems to be wasted there. A flip screen would add so much more screen space. Think about this: imagine another screen on the flip cover in addition to the one that already exists. You would double the available viewing area? Of course there would be batterry issues though. A replaceable rechargeable battery would be nice too...
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    Two screens? Interesting idea. . . some people might like it. I don't think it would be worth the price for me. It'd be heavier, more expensive, and need a larger capacity battery (even more weight).

    I think it's a good idea but I don't think there would be too much demand at this point. Maybe a few years down the road when almost every PDA/phone has SD expansion, one hi-res 16bit screen, MP3, and a camera.
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    keep the built in keyboard, and add built in BlueTooth, SD slot and a MP3 player.
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    It's about time SONY will add the GSM support to their new units.

    They already have it all in an elegant (though a bit bulky) unit.

    If I am not mistaken, it's the NZ which includes OS5, 2M Pixel on top of the SONY standard of MP3, Keyboard and ....

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