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    Hey all...

    I was looking at :

    Doug's Cool Vision Site

    Thanks Doug!

    and I found this code:

    ##DEBUG (##33284) Allows you to access hidden phone information such as signal strength

    Now he has other codes on there but they did not work on my phone.

    For those of you who may have had NOKIA'S before this is what would be called Field Test Mode. This will show you your RSSI
    (Signal Strength. The lower the Number the better Will show up like -83.....) and other cool stuff......

    Hey I just found this code:
    ##786 (or ##RUN)
    Sprint USERS Discussions
    It will give you some cool info about your phone like:

    Life Timer Minutes: 2706 in my case ( Just over a month if use I guess I talk to much....
    Refurb: YES or NO
    WTY DATE - ESN in HEX form and much much more....

    Does anyone know any other codes?

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    Ok, I tried the code and got the info screen. But am confuesed.

    Mine shows

    LifeTimer (minutes) 71593250

    This is 136.2 YEARS. Something is amiss here.

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