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    Meg Whitman 80%, Apotheker 67% , Mark Hurd 34% approval between employees.

    According to a new survey from the career website indicated that Meg Whitman, who took the reins at HP in September 2011, is more liked among employees than her predecessors. She had a 80 % approval between employees, compared to Leo Apotheker's 67 percent and Mark Hurd's 34 percent.

    The approval ratings are based on employees' voluntary responses to one simple question: "Do you approve of the way your CEO is leading the company?"

    With a 80% approval , it is clear, Meg is doing the things right in HP.

    By the other hand, taking the most ranked Tech CEOs, between employees, Apple´s Tim Cook is number one with a 97 % and with a 2% much better than Steve Jobs.

    In the second place was Qualcomm's Paul Jacobs, who had a 95 percent approval rating
    Google's Larry Page came in third with 94 percent approval, followed by Intel's Paul Otellini, with 93 percent, and VMware's Paul Maritz, with 90 percent. Rounding out the top 10 was EMC's Joe Tucci at number six, followed by Sprint's Dan Hesse, Oracle's Larry Ellison, HP's Meg Whitman, and's Jeff Bezos.

    VMware's Maritz took the spot as most improved CEO, jumping 15 points, from 75 percent approval last year.

    The CEO to decline the most was Bezos, whose approval rating dropped five points to 79 percent from 84 percent last year.

    Source: Apple's Tim Cook Tops List of Most-Liked Tech CEOs | News & Opinion |
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    Quote Originally Posted by akitayo View Post
    Meg Whitman 80%, Apotheker 67% , Mark Hurd 34% approval between employees.
    To me its a sad commentary on the employees themselves. Hurd, is the one who is proven here; not the others. I think that Hurd's case was one of familiarity breeding contempt, and that the short time on the job may be skweing the results in the others' favor.

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