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    I was reading on the news section about HP annual meetings of stockholders which they gather around to discuss things about HP future among other subjects. Anyways, most of the meeting was spent asking questions to Meg Whitman about the lack of innovation within the company of HP. One funny question that was asked a lot during the meeting was: why the company isn't as innovative and successful as Silicon Valley neighbor and rival Apple ?

    Funny thing to read, actually because the answer are just right in front of them(under their noses). You want know the real reason behind of HP isn't innovative enough because people running the company stop investing/believing into innovation. HP hasn't moved on since the 1990's with their printing business job, which to tell the truth is not that competitive and money-making business anymore.

    Skip some years until the present time, HP(lack of innovation mix with stupidity) Let's take further/deeper look shall we ? In 2010, HP company made the announcements of a purchase of a great Mobile company named PALM for the amount of $1.2 billion in cash. Everyone had their hopes up about the purchase, since maybe we could see a company HP take the realms of PALM and built upon it to greatness. Later on 2011, we hear the news of HP utilizing a great mobile operating(WebOS) to incorporate them into tablets and phones. Within those announcements were the HP TouchPad, Palm Pre 3, Veer which all of those devices were going to use the new acquired operating system from PALM.

    Then the HP TouchPad tablet came along being released to the public with great anticipation but with very poor reviews due to faulty, poor hardware build quality. Due to poor sales a silly CEO named "Apotheker" decides to cancel everything including the nice operating system named "WebOS". HP had all the right tools to built their own WebOS ecosystem with mobile devices, just like Apple had built their own. HP could had dominated the market with WebOS devices, every news technology website praised WebOS and their multitasking platform with cards. But instead HP rushed the WebOS team releasing a buggy WebOS 3.0 software that was plagued with bugs that seriously hinder the impact that those devices coulda had if they were left alone for three years like Phil McKinney said on the interview. These is one of the few reasons that HP sucks at innovation, all they care about is making a quick sale while Apple inc. they have more patience to invest time and money to let things thrive by themselves.

    Will those shareholders like to continue knowing why does HP is the greatest stupid company in the world when it comes to business innovations? Cause we could continue on explaining to them all the reasons of HP falling behind when it comes to technology and innovation. Another investor asked, whether HP had a similar vision like Apple and had anything innovative "cooking in HP's labs." By looking on how they slowly doing stuff at WebOS it doesn't appear that HP will not be cooking anything into their labs, let alone even start a fire. Feel sorry for those investors, they should think about moving their stocks to Apple's company.
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    when they go with something big like that, they might as well go all te way with everything or it will fail
    expensive, requires a leap of faith
    but it's doable

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