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    Contact Derrick kessler the big cheese of webos nation (I think) he will support u and probably interview u
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    Quote Originally Posted by minipot View Post
    My design was too big a file for it to cope. As far as the physical keyboard goes I would have a Bluetooth keyboard that would be small enough to clip onto the device so people have a choice of physical or virtual.

    Ill Dow basic sketch of my idea to try to make the file size compatibale
    Hmm...I was just thinking about how bluetooth keyboards and whether they'll appeal to business travelers that spend a lot of time on planes - are we allowed to have bluetooth on at all when flying?

    Can you export your file as a jpg, or is it still too big?
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    I like the idea of a clip-on design, and bluetooth would probably be the cheapest way to implement it. I would lean toward making it wired through some sort of connector though- Bluetooth would require it's own battery and potentially cause connection issues.

    Another possible idea is a small-ish (bit bigger than the veer perhaps) slab phone that clips onto the top of a keyboard, making a blackberry-style form factor. I always thought a blackberry-style webOS phone would be cool, especially since they kick them all over the place hardware/shiny-wise (or at least, before BB10).
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    i second the idea that there should be a design competition, prototypes of the new webos phone, in the end the webos community should come up with the ideal phone that everybody is ready to buy, in this we can visualize, innovate, and prepare ourselves for a phone we helped made.
    i know not everyone is a 3d modeler, but there are many designers and sketchup is free and many have brilliant ideas
    and i can surely help in this department.
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    Looks like this race is about to get interesting.
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