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    Deleted it through the GUI, but the functionality is still present
    on my 270. What else do I need to do to remove the app
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    I believe it is built into the GPRS upgrade, so if you installed GPRS you will not be able to delete it. Somebody please correct me if I am wrong (I know you will ).
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    No, I'm having trouble deleting TreoButton, a freeware application
    detailed here:

    Hope this makes it clear for everyone.

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    Ah, then it must be Buttons-T that was rolled into the GPRS update.

    Try doing a soft (paperclip) reset with the PAGEUP button pressed -- this will keep programs from automatically "attaching". Then try to delete TreoButton. Finally, do another soft reset (without pressing the PAGEUP button).
    It's not the heat; it's the stupidity!
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    The docs say

    "CAUTION!!! When shift launch feature is activated, you can't delete or upgrada TreoButton. Don't forget to disable it before delete/upgrad."

    Did you do that, and are still having trouble?
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    Don't think that I activated that feature.

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