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    Handspring wants to use some of Rims email software, I will post the link as soon as I find it it was somewhere in yahoo news.

    I think this is great news
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    There was an article about this subject here on Treocentral a week ago… Do a quick search, I believe it was under the title TreoBerry
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    During the Q&A part of the recent Handspring earnings call Ed Colligan TOTALLY backed off from what all those articles implied - in fact, he sounded embarassed about the whole thing.

    There is, according to him, absolutely nothing "in the works" with RIMM.

    The earnings call is avalaible til about the end of January - listen to it by then or never listen to it at all - IMHO, anyone sufficiently interested in TREOs to read/belong to a TREO-specific site should listen to the earnings call.

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