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    I started a discussion with THB two weeks ago about a car kit / handsfree for the Treo. My e-mail correspondence is below.

    Based on THB's response, the Treo Handsfree Car Kit (Universal Classic) will be available next week.

    Based on THB's website, the Universal Classic is a real Handsfree Car Kit for the Treo, not just a schlockly cradle/speaker/car lighter set up. This is very desirable.

    I have been swamped with work and familiy issues over the last two weeks, so other than checking out MTU's web site and giving the company a call to find that "csmith" is no longer with them, I haven't been able to do much.

    Has anyone heard anything more? If I've completely missed an ongoing discussion on this elseware on the board, kindly point me to it.


    Here are my e-mails to THB in reverse chronological order:

    Dear HRB;
    many thanks for your enquiry regarding our THB product range.
    Calendar week 03/2003 means between the 14. and 18. January will the first carkits are available.

    Please contact our Distributor in the USA for price and order.

    MTU Wireless,Inc.
    816 Secretary Drive
    Texas 76015
    Phone: 817-265-0333
    Toll Free: 800 535 8284

    Best regards
    Axel Pahl

    Bury GmbH & Co. KG
    Robert-Koch-Str. 1-7
    32584 Löhne

    HRB schrieb:

    Dean,Also, when you say "calendar week 03/2003", do you mean the week of January 3, 2003? Will the unit be available in the US?Thank you for your assistance. HRB
    -----Original Message-----
    From: Dean Taylor []
    Sent: Saturday, December 28, 2002 1:20 AM
    To: HRB
    Subject: Re: Handspring Treo Car Kit

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    many thanks for your enquiry regarding our THB product range.
    We produced a THB Universal Classic/DSp for the Handspring Treo 180/270/285, this kit is available in calendarweek 03/2003.
    Please give me your countrycode, so I can tell you, where you can order this kit.
    Best regards
    Dean Taylor

    Bury GmbH & Co. KG
    Robert-Koch-Str. 1-7
    32584 Löhne

    HRB schrieb:

    It has been rumored that THB will be launching a Handspring Treo Car Kit for quite some time now. Is this true, and if so, can you provide some timing as to when?Thank you,HRB

    *** end of message ***
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    Great News, can't wait to see it.
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    Hey lookit, here's a picture!
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    Well this is an exciting development. I think the one problem that will hold this product back is that the color screen may wash out in the car during bright days. Of course, this is not a problem with the 180.

    Also, does anyone know if the Treo has a handsfree profile built in for this type of application?

    BTW, is it just me or has the TreoCentral board slowed down dramatically in the last couple of weeks? Here's the most exciting Treo news of the last couple of weeks, an no commentary, excitement, interest, or anything?

    I guess I'll try to get things going this week by trying to figure out who the US distributor for this product will be. The one they refered to me in hte original e-mail above didn't seem to have much going on.

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    Too Bad Handspring chose a proprietary connector, since motorola made the charger imagine the accessories we COULD have had. . .

    Can't wait to see the final price on the kit, I've been waiting on someone to produce one for a while. In the interm, I've been using my sim card in my old nokia (with handsfree kit) to make conference calls, etc, in the car.

    Yes, the board has slowed down quite a bit. I think the GPRS release solved most of the issues, so now everybody's pretty happy. I can't believe how much better I like the phone with the new software. It's finally close to what I had originally envisioned.
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    I went by the THB booth at CES and they did have a Handspring logo up on their list of partners. My understanding is that Handspring is planning to offer this as an accessory. Can anyone confirm that?

    I did find one othe vendor in the Palm pavilion who is about to release a car kit. I'll post details when I receive them.

    I think the challenge for both of these products is that the Treo doesn't send audio out through the sync pins, meaning that you have to plug a 2.5m plug into the headset jack everytime you drop the phone in the car kit (lame!)
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    Here's the Babelfish translation of the German text:

    -optimal speaking and hearing quality by DSP technology

    -Exchange the past owner without changes of the basis set
    remaining product properties similarly as with THB Comfort

    -The e1-Typgenehmigung demanded by the legislator possesses
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    Don't think THB made preperation for this, But...

    You have the unsafe option of rewiring the headset to the main connector by your self - should be no real problem.

    Actually, I am dreaming of an adptor cradle - to connect Treo to an existing "standard" cell phones hands free sets (such as Nokia, Ericsson & Motorola).
    Can use your old phone as well as Treo, without having to break your piggybank.

    Ericsson (T28 at least), is using similar DC power - so all we need is a cable & internal wiring.

    Just got my replacement 180 - still thinking when to do that wiring thing (need to get a cheap cradle first).
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    I just spoke with Matt, a sales rep with AleEv (that is the company's name as listed on THB's site). He said that they don't have any of the THB Universal Classic for Handspring Treo available for purchase. It seems this company is trying to work out a deal with Sprint PCS to market these car kits. If I were some sort of distributor, I may have been able to AleEv order some for me, but they won't just order one from THB to sell to me. Matt said that the car kits are available in Europe, but not here yet. Right now, I'm scouring the internet trying to find some place in England that might sell these.
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    Count me in as very interested in this product.

    My new truck well new to me had already been fitted with a hands free kit. the cradle has been removed. However the antennae,Speaker,microphone all remain. It looks to be for a Nokia. I wonder will only have to use part of this new kit or all.
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    I really need it !!!

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