I have just bought the Seiko InkLink pen (works great with the treo btw!) but I have a slight problem.

The treo auto off setting seems to behave differently if the lid is open or closed.

If Open the setting you set in preferences (30sec to 3 min) takes effect.

If Closed it will always power off after about 30 sec, regardless of the setting or if a program is being used.

For the InkLink to clip on properly the treo lid needs to be shut, thus I need to keep on powering on the treo when using the InkLink - no good!

The InkLink program does have a power off overide setting but this only takes effect if the lid is open.

Question: Is there a hack that will force the treo to stay on regardless of the lid setting? Has anyone experienced the same problem?

I got the same issue when reading a e-book and staying on the same page for more than 30 sec (ok, this only happens if I'm tired!).