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    Does anybody know of a good combination stylus and pen? I use the Pilot Pentopia. I like the way each point is selected and would like something similar. The problem is with ink clumping on the paper. I've read some reviews on Stylus Central but wanted some first-hand opinions, specifically about the quality of the ink cartridge, from people who have used them. Thanks to anyone who can help.
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    Have you done a search of these Forums? This topic has been addressed and beaten to death...There is currently one product from StylusCentral available, which had a bunch of initial problems due to the reset pin touching the ink at the top of the pen cartridge. The fix was to remove the reset pin--not a good solution for some of us.
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    Thanks, jposin. Yeah, I figured it was discussed in the past. I did a search using "stylus" as a key word and it returned a gazillion hits. Probably not the best search strategy. I'll try again. I was looking for pen that has a stylus on board (rather than the reverse which sounds like what you're describing).
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    If you want a nice pen with a stylus built in (and soemthing that does NOT need to be able to fit the stylus slot), look at Cross Pen. I think they have something like that. If you need something to fit the Treo slot, your choices are very limited. Pilot does not make a Chameleon for the Treo, but StylusCentral did come up with their version.
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    i have a kind of neat one that i have not seen mentioned on here. i love the fisher space pen in the 'bullet' style, which closes up (no shirt pocket clip, this is one to carry in a pocket or case) then you open it to a full sized pen. the pressurized cartridges write upside down and stuff. and i have never had a 'space pen' cartridge clump.

    on one end of this pen, when closed, is a stylus that works fine.

    nothing fancy, just a really good pen that collapses to a nice small size, and a stylus point that works. i picked mine up on ebay. i look there first for almost everything these days...
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    Try a cool site with lots of options to chose from:
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    Here's a site that reviews some highend pen/stylus combos:
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    The NY Times has recently reviewed a power saving stylus that lights up hand-helds. Under the assumption that the use of backlight on your PDA runs down the battery, the "Belkin penlight stylus offers a simple but elegant solution. This stylus shines a bright light onto the screen of your PDA, often eliminating the need to use the standard backlight." This stylus emits a glow about 2-inch wide and it costs about $14.00. Try the link below for more information.


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