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    Question for all Treo users,

    As you know it comes with the plastic cover. May know what you guys/gals are using to protect that cover from being scratched (other than the original plastic sheet)?

    Kelvin Wong
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    Been using a screen protector
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    I assume original question reffered to external cover window,
    Though I havent tried it myself, it seems like a good idea,

    I assume best method will be to use a DC-Fix or any other transparet adhesive tape.
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    I use a brando screen protector on both the screen and the cover since they are the exact same size.
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    I have gotten some spots on screen, it looks like they can come off, but wiping alone doesn't get them off. Has anyone used anytime of liquid cleaner to clean screen? If so please let me know how well it worked and where I can get some?

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    Nothing. The plastic cover is "the plastic cover". I imagine someday it could get so scratched you couldn't make out the real screen underneath but only if you keep a bunch of gravel in your pocket.

    Seriously though I think the cover is protecting the thing I care about - the PDA touch screen.

    What did you use to protect the screen of your last cell phone that you'd throw in your pocket/bag/briefcase/car console?



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