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    From an e-mail response that I got from them back in early Nov they were suppose to have one specifically for the Treo:

    many thanks for your enquiry regarding our THB product range.
    The kit for the Handspring Treo will available in end of November, it will be the THB Universal Classic.
    Please contact our Distributor in the USA for price and order.
    MTU Wireless,Inc.
    816 Secretary Drive
    Texas 76015
    Phone: 817-265-0333
    Toll Free: 800 535 8284

    Best regards
    Dean Taylor
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    THB doesn't seem to have anything on their site pertaining to the Treo. However, I did send a message to AleEv which used to be MTU Wireless. I'll let you know...

    Thanks for watching! We'll see you next week.

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