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    I was wondering. I have a Treo 300 with Blazer. Am I correct in thinking that is isn't too important to research WAP stuff and PQA's for my treo with blazer? Or are these two still useful? I know this is a matter of opinion sort of. But what I mean is. I am thinking I don't really need to look into these things because basically with a bit of extra effort, I can manuever around regular sites using my treo... And I dont necessarily need PQA's or WAP special sites... Am I right in this conclusion?
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    I use pqa's far more often than cruising around w/Blazer and regular web pages. I can get results much faster with pqa files.
    Probably all of my book marks are WAP sites because again they load much faster into Blazer and consume less kb and time to load.
    Just my opinion!

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    i agree. pqa's are far more effective for performing specific tasks than blazer. there are several threads on this and the 300 section about PQA's that people like.
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    would it be possible for someone to give me a general overview of what PQA's are , how to use them?
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    A PQA is a palm query app. Jeff Hawkins designed these as a way web enable the palm 7. A pqa is dedicated to one site. It contains basic graphics for that site and some basic text. When you launch the PQA it goes to the sight, picks up specific text and information and displays it in the palm. Since there are no graphics to download and you're only getting specific info, download time is greatly reduced.
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    thanks for the explanation. What kind of site would I want to go to that requires a PQA and from the description you gave there must be many, many PQA's no?
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    If there's a site you frequent, say, The PQA takes you there when you press the icon on your launcher. From there, the mobile version of the latest headlines and story briefs pop up. So it's like a preformatted, one-site-only web browser. It's very limited with what it can do, but you can't beat the speed.

    To get an idea of what you can do, go to PalmGear. Click on the Software button. At the bottom right of the list are PQA's in categories. The descriptions tell you what each can do.
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    thanks to you I now have a basic understanding of what a PQA is all about. Here's another question. Is there any way I can really screw up my TREO if I bungle the installation of one or more of these PQA's?
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    there is a webpage @ that has links to all these pqa's. they are the exact same pqa's as you would download to your treo except these are reached from one webpage:
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    The answer to your bungle question is...maybe. It's probably more an issue of poorly written PQA. Two things: Before you install one, backup. And install the latest copy of Filez (freeware at If a pqa gets stubborn about being removed, filez can extract it.
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    SOmeone mentioned some program that you can download that opens up over 500 PQA's on your treo, what is this and how does it work?
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    could you walk me through 1 download of a PQA and its site? Plse dont leave out ANY steps as I am a dummy.
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    Actually I'm on no better footing than you are. I just know the basics of how they work. The basic premise is that once you've connected, you launch the PQA. Installation is just like with any Palm app. Perhaps someone on the board that's a regular user of PQAs can enlighten you better and give you some tips on usage.

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    OK, I just took the plunge and went to and tried to download the 'Weather channel". I now have a "Weather" icon in my apps section of the Treo. When I click on it nothing happens. Can someone go to and load the weather channel PQA and watch what happens and then walk me through it. I still am not sure when to click on the ADD box and all that stuff. Thanks. I think I may be getting close to resolution of the PQA mystery.
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    HELP!! I went to a web clipping site and downloaded web clipping files-I went to this site as directed by a previous post. I followed directions and downloaded 'web clipping' files for OS 3.5 as I l guess that is what TREO uses. I now have 4 files-Web Clipping, Web library, Wireless, and one other. I downloaded what I think is the PQA for Weather Channel and also Mobile Web. I now have an ICON for each of these on my application screen. When I double click to launch it tries to get there, shows connecting at the top of the screen but then gives me an error messages that says "Your handheld could not connect to the server". Any tips,pointers. I have to be getting close.
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    you could try and go to on left side click on web clippings and follow the download instructions for PQA.

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    I am thrilled to say that I was helped by a member and now am jup and running with my PQA's. thanks
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    Great now tell the rest of us who are following this thread how to do it....
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    It will be my pleasure.

    1) go to

    2)scroll down and install the web clipping libraries for 3.5
    3)scroll down further and change the PROXY on the treo. the instructions are there but use the following proxy# not the one in the example

    206 112 114 83

    After you do this-follow the directions including the soft reset-go and download some PQA's like you do other applications. When you upload them on the TREO they appear on the applications page and you simply launch them as you would , say the phone book application should you choose to go to application page and use stylus.

    PQA's are the greatest.

    To find PQA's go to the Palm home page and look under software. Start with Directory Assistant, Weather Channel, USA today etc.\

    Cheers. I hope this helps.
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    I just double clicked on the address that I posted above and it goes to Dave's home page and not the page I want. I will try and find the link. I copied the URL from the correct page but somehow it got messed up. I will try and go to Palm home page as I think there is a link to this page. Sorry for the confusion.
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