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    someone just mentioned Khroma and ebay PQA's. How do you find these things? Is there a standard address. I saw several on a thread like www.ebaypqa.pqa but that does not work.
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    I've been following this and tried to accomplish it.

    I think I got most of the way there--downloaded the webclipper files and several pqas.

    However, each attempt to use one results in "server unavailable--try back later..."

    I suspect this is a false error message; is it generated by the proxy issues spoken of earlier in the thread?

    Secondly, NONE of the icons appear as icons in Launch'em which I use as an interface. Any idea around that? I hate to scroll back to the Palm interface.
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    Soft reset should (might?) fix the PQAs not showing up.
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    yes, partly. It shows up in the Palm list---but not Launch'em...
    If it doesn't have a slot for SDHC--I don't want it. Period.
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    Can I d/l and install PQAs directly from my Treo 300? I am not set up for Hotsync yet.

    I saw jfscars48 mention that after he downloaded a PQA it appeared as an icon on him Palm. If I install 10 PQAs will those show as separate "programs" and clutter my launcher? I wish they would only be listed after I click on one icon (say, "PQA programs") to avoid adding too many items to my launcher.

    I'm totally new to this; just activated my Treo 300 30 mins ago.

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