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    Could it be true? Amazon is listing Treo 180 as $100, but with a $100 rebate for new account activation!! That's free!!

    But, it doesn't look like you can actually buy one. Where's the button that lets you select the phone? It just says "Availability: This item is not stocked or has been discontinued."

    Any ideas on how to actually get one for free? Do you think Handspring will match?

    I know several people who got the $99 deal in the last few weeks, and they're all scrambling to try to get Handspring to match Amazon, which might be tough if you really can't get one from Amazon.
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    Looks like their database is really messed up on this one.

    I ordered the 180 from Amazon when I first read about the sale, probably here. On the 23rd of Dec, I think.
    When I ordered it said: ships within 1-2 days. Then after I ordered it, I got an email saying it would come in 2-3 weeks. I complained, saying that I don't want to miss the rebate deadline. They boosted me to express shipping and said it would ship soon. Well the phone arrived two days later, as promised. But as of today, the website still says my order is being prepared for shipment. And I haven't gotten charged, although I got a bill from T-Mobile.
    I wonder if they'll charge me before the rebate expires?
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    It might appear to be "free" but if you have to sign up for a year service with T-Mobile, it is hardly free.

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