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    Hoy hoy,

    I have installed a few extra ring tones on my treo 300. They never seem to show up in the prefs/ringer app. I did a soft reset of the palm after I installed them, if that does anything. Is there some program I need to use extra ring tones?

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    On a Treo 180 I use HoHo
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    the treo300 uses a different memory scheme than other treo's and also is the only one that can use polyphonic (sheesh that is THE hardest word to type, it seems) ringtones, so you need a ringtone manager that is specifically treo300 compatible.

    i know that ringo is compatible. you can get a trial version. tcringer should be out soon. not sure about monkeyringer or others.

    also, there are several extensive threads on this subject in the treo300 specific discussion forum.
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