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    This 'writer' is very uninformed; could someone drop her a line to that effect? Things were way off from the very first paragraph, which sadly set the tone for the entire piece. It is baseless writing like this that really gets to me because of the potential for serious damage.

    Here's A Good Sign That HP's Decision To Open Source WebOS Will Pay Off

    Julie Bort | Jan. 5, 2012, 2:58 PM

    WebOS has only been available as free open source mobile operating system for a few weeks, but a surprising new use for it has already materialized.
    Huh? Its already open source?

    A research associate for Stanford University Department of Radiology has written a WebOS app that remotely operates an MRI scanner... Once WebOS became open source, the researcher, Andrew Holbrook, had everything he needed to create this low-cost remote control device.
    Wasnt this app done before Meg announced it's decision to open source? As i recall, the dev used the PDK and got some help from the community, but nothing was facilitated by open sourcing - something that has yet to actually happen. Whats worse, she apparently sourced a Forbes piece that was a whole month late w/ the MRI development... a bit lazy on her part. A little research could have helped her reach a different conclusion.

    Most pathetically, though, she mixed chalk and cheese as she somehow attempted to build a story around open sourcing webOS - the software - and new medical use of the Touchpad - the hardware. They were two separate events and the latter was NOT dependent on the former.

    The link is above but, IMO, is not worth the read. I checked it out because I saw Kessler's pic in it.

    I'd comment there but I refuse to register at yet another site.
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    sadly it was the plastic hardware not software that at first pushed the use of touchpad. Well and then it was PDK and the Community and not the still (Jan 2012) not happend open sourcing of webOS:
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    I would be curious to know if Andrew is still working with the OS after all this mess that has happened lately. Regardless of the fact that plastic was the reason this happened.. he further found out( Andrew H.) easy it was to work with on creating applications within WebOS

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